Why should you not pour coffee grounds into the sink?

Many people think of coffee grounds as a fine powder that will quickly wash away when poured into the sink, but in reality it will clump and break your pipes.

According to the experts of the newspaper The SpruceCoffee grounds are one of the worst culprits for clogged drains. This type of garbage can cause the same consequences as grease and cooking oil when poured down the drain because these substances build up over time and create a thick layer of sediment, blocking the flow.

Illustration: The Spruce.

If you accidentally spilled coffee grounds down the drain, what should you do?

Of course, if you just poured coffee grounds down the drain once or twice, there are no serious consequences. However, to prevent the coffee powder from settling in the pipes, you should do the following: Put vinegar in an ice tray, let it freeze. Then you drop some of these vinegar stones down the drain, turn on the hot warm water and let it run for a few minutes, this will help push the coffee grounds on the wall of the drain down the pipe and away.

What should you do with coffee grounds?

Instead of pouring it down the sink, empty it in the trash. You can also have a better and environmentally friendly way, for example mixing coffee grounds with potting soil. Coffee grounds help add important nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, absorb heavy metals and attract beneficial earthworms… to the soil.

Coffee grounds are great insect repellents when you put them in a bowl or sprinkle them around the area you want to repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.

To keep your pet dog and cat free of fleas, simply bathe your pet, then rub coffee grounds all over their coat. Leave it on for a while, then spray it off and dry as usual. Be careful not to let those coffee grounds drift down the drain.

Like baking soda, coffee grounds can effectively remove odors. You can put them in a bowl in the fridge and let them absorb odors in the fridge.

Coffee grounds should be mixed with coconut oil to make a body or face scrub. If you do this regularly, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin.

Thuy Linh (According to Housedigest)


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