Why is the ceiling moldy even though it’s newly built?

Not only the plaster ceiling, but also the wall on the side of the house is black mold. The construction party said that it has been waterproofed, so the error is that the indoor humidity is too high. How should I handle it?

Reader: Le Hoa

Architect Truong Thanh Trung (T&T Architectural and Interior Design Consulting Company) said that from the images sent by readers, it can be seen that the moldy surfaces of the walls and ceilings are evenly spaced, not concentrated in the area. certain area. This error is most likely due to poor quality paint or improper application process.

The side walls and plaster ceiling were black molded, only a year after construction. Photo: Le Hoa

Mr. Trung said, it is possible that homeowners use paint indoors without alkali resistant primer – white paint as a base layer before applying the next layer of color paint. Anti-alkali primer has the main effect of preventing mold and moss for walls.

Another reason is that the surface of the ceiling has not been dry, but the workers are still painting. Another possibility is using poor quality interior paint.

To deal with the current problem of the house, readers should follow these steps.

Firstly, improve the waterproofing ability from the outer wall by applying two more layers of waterproof paint or using Sikalatic-590 to roll back the wall surface, then paint the finish. Chemical waterproofing sika is used most today from households to large buildings. This is a method of applying chemicals directly to the floor surface to form a protective layer that helps prevent water from seeping through the floor.

Second, it is necessary to paint the surface of all painted walls in the house with paper, including the plaster ceiling, then let them “breathe” for 2-3 days. Followed by two coats of alkali resistant primer.

*Note: If there is bait, it should be very thin and papered before painting.

Third, use genuine paint finishes. If you have economic conditions, you can use the “5 in 1” paint, which is resistant to and moldy.

Fourth, when constructing, you should choose sunny days to paint the walls, so that the best effect can be achieved.

In addition, you can handle the above existence by mixing a solution of 1 liter of javen with 5 liters of water (1: 5) to be able to clean the entire surface. However, this method can only deal with the new phenomenon of mold appearance. If this phenomenon is left for too long, the mold that has penetrated into the surface of the plaster wall and ceiling will be very difficult to handle.

To avoid too much humidity in the house, when the weather is humid, it is best to close all the windows and open the air conditioner in dehumidifying mode. If the air conditioner does not have this mode, the door should be opened so that the steam does not adhere to the interior surface. In addition, you can turn on the lights continuously, which helps reduce the humidity in the house.

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