Why finance should help society, by youtubeur Gilles Mitteau from the “Heu? Reka” channel

“The financiers must say to themselves: my goal is not to earn money, but to ensure that the world develops. “ Who better to pronounce this sentence than someone who has worked in finance himself? This is the case of popularizer Gilles Mitteau, known on YouTube for having created the “Heu? Reka” channel, and author at Payot of the book “Tout savoir sur l ‘economy, ou almost”.

What finance and what currency in 30 years? Take part in our evening on October 29 in Paris

Five years ago, Gilles Mitteau worked at the heart of the machine: in the trading room in London, where his role as salesman led him to analyze, sell and “trade” financial products. A profession that has it first “Amused” but from which the young man ended up moving away, disturbed by this activity “Which did not correspond to [ses] values ​​”. Today he lives from his videos deciphering the workings of finance and the economy, with which the youtubeur has built a community of 220,000 subscribers.

While “l’Obs” is organizing a conference on finance and currency in 2049 in Paris on October 29, Gilles Mitteau spoke in front of our camera to give his vision of finance in thirty years. Look :

For the former seller in the trading room, the speculative nature of finance causes slippages that will become untenable:

“The problem with speculation is an increase in prices that does not correspond to real economic activity. In a world where we have 1% growth per year, markets that make + 10%, this is not possible. There are prices that are disconnected from reality. These prices must be reconnected. “

Gilles Mitteau calls on his former colleagues to question their unshakeable faith in the invisible hand, this economic theory that some people use to justify all-out individualism. And to “Put aside their desire to have an ever bigger, bigger house”.

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The finance of the future? He necessarily imagines it at the service of society, with social or environmental objectives in its sights. Leaves at “Do not maximize profits” when these are not in the interest of the greatest number. “Profit as the sole objective, it does not work”, he insists.

> Discover Gilles Mitteau’s interview in the video above.

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