Why does your house ‘keep dusting clean’?

If you are a person who loves cleanliness or is allergic to dust, house chores that are frequently dusty, no matter how much or less, are bothersome.

There’s no way to ask for a “dust-free” home, but you have a way to minimize the ingress of dust.

Dust comes from a variety of sources such as air pollution, dirt on the ground, plants in the field, trees, or from birds, organisms that move through space. Anything can become a source of dust.

Inside the house, dust sometimes occurs from dead skin, hair loss … produced by people living in the house. Dirt can also be from food scraps, from the hairs of blankets, gas, carpets, mosquito nets, clothes, pets, dead insects …

Soft furniture such as carpets, cushions … are also “magnet for vacuums” for your home. Image: Stylemyspace.

So how to reduce dirt?

Close windows (or limit the opening of open windows)

This solution is especially important if you live close to a busy road or avenue. Windows should only be opened selectively, at certain times of the day, when traffic is sparse. For specific parts of the house where you spend most of your time (eg bedrooms), you should limit the window opening.

Reduce the amount of soft furniture

Soft furniture such as cushions, mattresses and rugs … beautify your room space, but they are also giant “vacuum magnets”, and generate dust as they decay over time space. Therefore, you should keep them as small as possible, or buy machine washable ones for regular cleaning.

Towards a minimalist style

Piled up furniture only makes the house difficult to clean, creating many niches for dirt to accumulate. Should decorate the house in a minimalist style, or decorate it selectively. Items should be stowed away after use and left with common items.

Balance moisture in your home

Humidity and dust seem to be two separate problems, but they are actually related. For a less dusty home, you should check the humidity in the home. The best humidity ranges from 45-50%. If the house has low humidity, dust will stick more and longer on the surface.


Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is much more efficient than using a regular dust cleaner. Handheld cordless vacuums are more flexible, as small, deep corners can be cleaned up. Meanwhile, robot vacuums are convenient, making you less laborious.

Invest your money in the kind that you find most beneficial to your home. Note that you should choose those with a HEPA filter, which helps remove microscopic dust particles and other allergens.

Clean the floor every day

If you have a really dusty house, in addition to regular vacuuming a few times a week, use a mops, wipes that are absorbent, good suction to wipe dry, clean floors.

Use an air purifier

It’s a good idea to run air purifiers in areas of your home where you frequently travel to keep your home less dusty. Note should choose air purifiers with HEPA filters. Also, you should research the capacity of the purifier, to ensure that the Clean Air Distribution Rate (CADR) parameter is appropriate for the room in which you are located.

Wash your sheets often and put your clothes in the closet right after washing them

The bedroom is usually the place with the most dirt in the house, due to the large number of beds, pillows, blankets and clothes. You should change the bed sheets once a week, put your clothes in the closet right after washing them, avoid getting messy.

Pay attention to areas that are frequently dusty

When cleaning the house, you should pay attention to the areas that are less noticeable but are “magnet for vacuums”, which are ceiling fans, lights, shelves, top of refrigerators, air conditioners, plants. indoor scene …

Note the rule of top-down cleaning

In addition to the rule of top-down, high-to-low cleaning, be careful not to use a dry cloth to wipe dust all over the house, you will spread dust everywhere. For upholstered furniture products or textiles, lint rollers should be used.

Thuy Linh (According to Asianone)


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