Why Auchan remains the big loser of French distributors

It was ___ ago a year. Auchan took us with pride in its first “Pedestrian drive” opened in October 2018, rue Saint-Sébastien, in the Lille fiefdom of Gérard Mulliez, founder of the brand. A very small space at the foot of the building, shared between a storage area and a mini-shop offering alcohol, appetizers and prepared meals for students in the neighborhood. This new version of “The local grocery store”, as modest as it is, was to embody the future of the ex-king of hypermarkets. A mix of proximity, since in the city center with extended opening hours, and digital: this is where customers come to pick up orders placed on the Auchan website, orders delivered several times a day in from the nearest hypermarket in Fâches-Thumesnil (11,700 m2), transformed – like its neighbor Englos (16,600 m2) – in “Hyperplatform” order preparation.

“Have you seen our hyper?” »The Auchan group has its head above water

This so-called strategy “Phygital” has been validated by the Covid-19. The pedestrian drive, all brands combined, was the most dynamic circuit in France with an average growth of 85% in 2020, and up to 179% during the first confinement, according to the Nielsen institute, which estimates that the health crisis has saved food e-commerce four years. According to the specialist magazine “LSA”, there are nearly 200 pedestrian drive in the strict sense in France, including 130 for Carrefour and a fifth

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