Why are many people afraid to go to work after a long vacation?

The Tet holiday is over, but not everyone is ready to go back to work. Some people feel sad and miserable when thinking about going to work.

This is a worldwide phenomenon. So why do vacations that are supposed to improve health lead to a mental breakdown afterward?

According to Jeroen Nawijn, a psychologist at Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), people often feel happier on vacation because they are free to do what they want. When the holiday is over, both that freedom and happiness are gone.

Suzanne Degges-White, psychotherapist and chair of the Department of Counseling and Advanced Education at Northern Illinois University (USA) agrees. “When we return to our daily lives, most of us have to continue the series of days of reporting to our superiors about what we are doing, how to proceed and by the deadline,” Ms. Degges-White analyzed.

Fear of going back to work after a long vacation is a common but treatable phenomenon. Photo: INC.

Besides, the difficulties and responsibilities at work never go away on their own. “Many people fear when the holiday is over because they know they have to face problems again. Not to mention, they may be assigned new tasks while the old ones are not finished,” the expert said. speak.

Degges-White also believes that the transition from a flexible holiday schedule to a tight schedule, eating and sleeping on time also causes people stress. For those who indulge in binge eating during the holidays, returning to normal life is increasingly difficult.

Still, there are ways to relieve stress after the holidays. First, spend about half a day or a day thinking about work. Make a to-do list for the first week at work, clear your desk at home and at work, and get your clothes ready. Instead of thinking about your day at work, read a book, or list the things you did in the past year, plan for the next year… Anything that makes you feel good make the mood better.

Next, you can come up with ideas for your next vacation. Thus, you will feel less depressed and more motivated to work. Don’t forget to take time out to relax in case you’re stressed, like listening to some good music or asking a coworker out for a meal.

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