Why are beautiful people easy to succeed?

Research published in the US National Library of Medicine shows that people with attractive appearance are more likely to acquire resources and be more successful than others.

In another study, in 2019, 284 people were chosen to rate photos as adorable, attractive, and trustworthy. As a result, attractive people were also chosen to be more trustworthy than unattractive people.

According to Judy Ho, a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist in California, the more symmetrical a person’s face is, the more attractive a person is. In other words, a symmetrical face fits the social concept of a good-looking face that contains healthy genes. “So evolution drives humans to have more of these genes,” Ho said.

Another aspect of beautiful privilege, according to psychologists, is the “halo effect”. “If there’s a good trait in a person, you automatically associate it with a bunch of other good traits. Often the first good trait we talk about is physical beauty,” Ho said. According to psychologists, that’s why people often think beautiful people are also smart, funny and talented.

The expert explains that grouping the positives together, for example beautiful people are also good people, is actually just another way the human mind tries to understand the world. Because our brains are constantly looking for shortcuts to understand our surroundings. “When they see an attractive person, they will say ‘Ok, such an attractive person is probably also kind, intelligent, has a lot of friends and celebrities’.”

The same can happen with wealth.

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Another reason good-looking people are more likely to succeed is that we often focus on developing skills that are more appreciated by others.

For example, a beautiful child since childhood. For one reason or another, family, friends, and teachers will be more concerned with that child. As a result, the child grows up with greater agility, extroversion and social confidence.

“Concern reinforces a positive view of themselves, which helps to develop confidence. Sometimes they develop a different skill set later, which strengthens confidence even more,” Ho said.

But also according to psychologist Judy Ho, good looks sometimes backfire, especially for women. For example, there is a perception that women who are too beautiful are shallow or unintelligent.

Some people are privileged to be beautiful thinking they have it which means they deserve all the attention from others and only use it to serve themselves. They give themselves the right to just “sit to be beautiful”.

“Such people cause difficulties in relationships. They may have difficulty at work if they work in groups or listen to their manager or person who guides their work,” Ho said.

Privileged people, if they take advantage of social activities, can help others. Because of their good looks, they have a large circle of friends. As a result, they positively influence the lives of others. This is also one of the goals of beauty contests.

So those who think they have an advantage in appearance should not be ashamed. Instead, they should be grateful and use it effectively. After all, that privilege is simply given to them by human psychology and evolutionary biology.

“Think about how you use that beauty to improve other people’s lives,” Ho says, and advises if you can help, encourage confidence in others, as a way of giving back.

According to psychologists, the halo effect is most prominent in people with good looks, but it also works in all other positive traits such as intelligence, kindness, generosity, etc. that we all have or can develop.

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