Who should understand? Berlin clubs remain open, but dancing is prohibited

Berlin – In many federal states discos and clubs are closing completely. Too much corona, too close. But Berlin takes a strange middle ground: The clubs remain open, but dancing is forbidden!

Who else should come with you?

“It is no longer allowed to dance,” said the head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery, Christian Gaebler. Due to legal issues, clubs are not yet closed, because food and drinks are also offered there, and restaurants are allowed to remain open.

The federal and state governments had agreed to close clubs with incidence values ​​over 350. The legal process is still ongoing, said Gaebler.

▶ ︎ Berlin’s Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (47, left) explained the ban on dancing in Berlin discos: “It was important to me that clubs (…) can continue to offer events such as concerts (with seats), readings, exhibitions or film screenings.”

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In other words, the aim is to mitigate the financial consequences of the pandemic for the clubs. But Lederer also admitted that the dance ban is “undoubtedly a difficult hour for Berlin club culture”. ·

The Berlin Senate decided on the dance ban at a special meeting on Friday after the federal and state governments agreed on stricter corona rules at a Prime Minister’s conference on Thursday.

The stricter rules should come into force in Berlin from next Wednesday (December 8), as the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (56, SPD) announced after the meeting.

If the federal government adjusts the laws, they will also be discussed again in Berlin.

Map: Corona vaccination monitoring in the federal states - infographic

Stricter rules at major events

Curious: At major events, the capital goes beyond the resolutions of the Corona summit. Instead of a maximum of 15,000 participants outside and a maximum of 5,000 indoors, the Senate is capping the upper limit at 5000 outdoors and indoors at 2500 participants.

Müller justified this with the great role that the topics of mobility and contacts played beyond the actual event. “And they have to be reduced wherever possible, also in public transport or at the sausage stand,” he said. Contacts would need to be shut down. “And that’s why we’re again making significant restrictions here.”

Teaser picture

It will not have to remain completely empty in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, but instead of the maximum 15,000 fans allowed by the federal government, only 5,000 are allowed in Berlin

Photo: picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild

In North Rhine-Westphalia, however, the clubs will be closed from Saturday. But for the Bundesliga hit Dortmund against Bayern, 15,000 fans are still allowed into the stadium (capacity: 80,000).

But in Berlin they don’t play for the soccer championship either. The capital is better known for its party scene …


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