WHO launches app regarding corona virus, this advice will be available with every information related to the epidemic

Arogya Setu App was brought to the country to avoid the Korana virus epidemic. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new app to provide facts related to Safety Advice Corona to prevent this virus. It is named WHO Covid-19 Updates. This app is also listed on the Google Play Store.

This app has been launched by WHO for the purpose of giving Corona virus guidelines and updates. In this, you will be provided absolutely accurate information, facts and data related to the corona. The WHO also launched an app about this in April, although it was later removed from the Play Store.

Will be able to ask questions from experts
The WHO Covid-19 Updates app also works like the old app. In this, the total number of corona virus infected worldwide, the symptoms of this virus, updates like myth will be found. Along with this, you will also be able to answer questions from many health experts, doctors. This app was launched on 20 December. It can be installed on Android 4.1 or above operating system.

Every information related to corona will be found
Through the Trusted Medical Source on the WHO Covid-19 Updates app, users will be guided against the Corona Virus epidemic, prevention for positive people. Not only this, users will also be told about new Scientific Findings related to Corona.

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