Who is this Couche-Tard who is making Bercy angry by wanting to buy Carrefour?

And one more political intervention, in an operation that would perhaps have passed like a letter in the post before the Covid and the great return of the State in all the cogs of the French economy. Bruno Le Maire, the now very popular minister of Bercy, who was until last year a great liberal dreaming of privatizing all public enterprises, has just slipped a big stone in the marriage that was emerging between the French giant Carrefour and an unknown Canadian, “Alimentation Couche-Tard”. In the program “C à Vous”, the Minister declared himself “A priori not favorable” to this rapprochement. It is true that it concerns the main private employer in the country, which has become strategic since it ensured the delivery of butter and toilet paper to the confined French. To see it pass under Quebec control, even French-speaking, seems to shock Bercy.

The surprise is all the stronger as until yesterday morning, very few in France knew the Alimentation Couche-Tard chain. However, it is an emblematic brand across the Atlantic. The red white blue neon lights of this ” convenience store “ – convenience store in the Quebec language – shine day and night along highways and in the outskirts of cities, most often flanked by gasoline pumps. This morning, the brand made a name for itself in France by offering the French retail giant Carrefour a ” reconciliation ” already qualified as ” friendly “ between the two companies, even if it

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