Who is the chance to challenge the king of the billiard game Ngo Dinh Nai?

Saturday, 11/7/2020 10:47 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) With a 51-point hit, goalkeeper Nguyen Van Phuoc Hieu doubled the title at the 2020 Open Nhi Open 1st carom tournament.

The 51-point muscle road helped Phuoc Hieu double the title:

Not only did he win the championship for the 1st year of the year, the year of the year of the year of the year of November 6 at Hoc Mon (Ho Chi Minh City), player Nguyen Van Phuoc Hieu also excellently won the sub award “excellent series. first prize ”with 51 points baseline scored in the quarterfinals.

Phuoc Hieu double the title at the running tournament for the national finals

Worth mentioning, Phuoc Hieu used this “huge” muscle to overcome Ngoc Tri, who previously held the highest series of 48 points. Entering the semi-finals, Phuoc Hieu defeated SEA Games champion Tran Phi Hung with a score of 100-27. He also scored a series of 34 points in this match.

With an extremely impressive performance, Phuoc Hieu overcame veteran player Nguyen Sy Tuong in the final with a score of 100-15 to win the championship worth 12 million VND. This title is completely deserved when Phuoc Hieu has almost all hits scored dozens of points in his matches.

More importantly, Phuoc Hieu has a perfect momentum run for the final round of national billiards 2020 taking place in Da Nang from November 12 here. This is the highest peak tournament of home billiards only for the best players in the country to attend.

Unexpected player challenge & # 34; billiard king Ngo Dinh Nai & # 34;  Who is?  - 2

Dinh Nai will face many challenges for defending the throne of “King of Carom 1 Ice” this year

With an impressive performance just shown, Phuoc Hieu is expected to become a player to challenge the national championship that Ngo Dinh Nai is holding. “The king of the Vietnamese billiard village” is considered a “one-ice boss” while holding the national championship at the same time, the SEA Games gold medal and before the Asian 1 ice championship 2019.

Unfortunately in the Ut Nhi Open Tournament 2020, Dinh Nai did not attend for personal reasons. This makes the competition for this year’s national ice carom championship even more unpredictable.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/co-thu-bat-ngo-thach-thuc-vua-co-dien-bi-a-ngo-dinh-nai-la-ai-5020207111048178 …

Race dramatic

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