Who is Andy Jassy, ​​who is going to take command of Amazon, know everything about them

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, the company that makes his coin in the e-commerce world, has announced his resignation from his post and has given this responsibility to Andy Jessie. Now the question in everyone’s mind is, who exactly is Andy Jessie, who is being given such a big responsibility. We will answer your similar questions and tell who Andy Andy is.

Who is Andy Jessie?
Few people would know Andy Jessie, but you must be surprised to know that Jesse is a big name in the technology world in the last decade. Jesse was the Chief of Amazon’s web service, which has given the company a new dimension in the world of technology. JC has a good understanding of technology and with his decisions, the company has surpassed the competitors Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp in the field of cloud computing in the past.

Company joins after graduation
Jesse, 53, joined the Amazon company in 1997 after graduating from Harvard Business School. He founded Amazon Web Services and developed it into a cloud platform used by millions of people. Jessie was considered the most prominent contender for the post. Jesse Bezos is a member of the Group S-Team of Officers. Jesse was promoted by Jeff Bezos in 2016, giving him the post of AWS CEO.

Jeff Bezos praised
Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people in the world, told Jesse that Andy knows everyone in the company. He has been working in Amazon for a long time and I am sure that he will prove to be a great leader. Jessie started the journey in 2006 with the lead of AWS.

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