Where to put the rice bin in accordance with feng shui?

Many people believe that rice barrels can be used to promote wealth and limit disadvantages in production and business…

Recently, there have been many new views on feng shui, saying that rice barrels and essentials such as rice, salt, lamps, candles, coffee, even phone numbers, car numbers, house numbers… all have a feng shui effect. Water. Many people believe that rice crates can promote fortune, limit disadvantages in production and business if chosen and placed “right feng shui”.

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Their theory is that placing the rice bowl in the Earth direction or in the Southwest or Northeast direction in the kitchen and close to the ground, not in the East, not on high… is the best.

In fact, the feng shui documents do not have any record of “feng shui rice barrel” as well as the necessities of daily life. The rice crate can only be affected by the environment where it is placed (for example wet) and in relation to other items; only affects the “wealth” of people when the rice barrel is empty or the rice is degraded.

In any case, a feng shui plan must always achieve the harmony of yin and yang of the five elements and be consistent with living habits. Feng shui design, interior layout, furniture arrangement… must at least meet the following criteria: correct principles, aesthetics, convenience and savings. Milling and placing rice containers is no exception, if you want to “birth and prosper”.

Accordingly, the rice container can be made of all kinds of non-toxic materials, not capable of causing toxicity or degrading rice; at the same time suitable for storage purposes, convenient when carrying, taking out rice, pouring rice in…

The rice container can be placed anywhere in the family, bedroom, kitchen, warehouse, etc. to ensure it is dry and cool, to avoid termites, mold, and not to be poisoned or degraded by other causes.

Sticky rice with sweet soup is the most important criterion to evaluate “feng shui rice jars”, followed by aesthetic, convenient and economical criteria. Be wary of keeping “the rice jar in your wallet” against new conceptions of feng shui.

Researcher Pham Dinh Hai


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