When you can, go back to your parents

Chinese actress, Jia Linh once said, I do not have a mother like a tree does not have a root. When you are sad, you cannot be in her mother’s arms. When you succeed, no one will share your joy.

Jia Linh is known by many as the number one comedy in China. Her mother passed away in 2011 after a car accident. At that time, she wanted a blue coat. Jia Linh bought it and waited for the day to return to her hometown for her mother. But she couldn’t wait to put on the new shirt.

The blue jacket has become a regret that Jia Linh cannot calm down. Years after she became a famous actress with comedies, she is always hilarious in front of everyone but hidden pain behind her.

Once on a reality TV show, the host asked: “Are you happy?”, Jia Linh replied: “My whole life can not be happy. What if I succeed? How about being a good person? My mother does not see these things no longer makes sense “.

Jia Linh cried on the stage: “It would be great if time could go back …”.

Chinese comedian Jia Linh. Image: kknews.

Huang Bo – famous Chinese singer and actor whose father has Alzheimer’s disease. At first, he thought his father was old and his memory was a bit problematic. But one day when he came home, he saw the father respond politely, feeling strange but did not ask questions, until the man over 80 years old called his son “comrade”. It turned out that my father thought a son was a comrade in the battlefield in the past, he also affirmed “I have never had a son”.

This sentence broke Hoang Bon’s heart. When he talked about this experience in a TV show, he kept crying.

Someone asked: “If you still remember now, what would you like to say to him?” Hoang Pow shared: “I do not want to say anything, just want to be by his side”. The actor said that he went through many difficulties and difficulties, but all over it. The only thing that made it difficult for him to accept was that his father forgot himself.

From small to large, the actor’s father always appears with a tall and strong image, he can put his child on his head, protecting him from the rain and wind. Suddenly this figure became fragile in need of protection, only then did the son realize he had missed out on so many things. “When I was a child, when I did something wrong, I often got beaten by my father. But now I just hope he can beat me, how happy,” Hoang shared.

Tap Boi Ninh – The most famous MC of China Central Television once said that after his twins were born, the first thing to do was text his mother: “I have two grandchildren. Grandmother’s position already “. He was looking forward to receiving a response from his mother but it was too late, because she had passed away not long ago.

“The grandchild my mother has been waiting for all her life, she never met. I always thought she would always be with me, if it was time to leave, there would be some sign or goodbye. , everything was too sudden, “said the male MC.

Host of Tay Boi Ninh

Host of Tay Boi Ninh

Parents and children are only in a few decades, it is difficult to escape separation. As actress Jia Linh once said: “If you are 30 or 60 years old and your parents are healthy, no one will think of death. But once there are no parents, the wall that prevents you from death will be removed. .

No one in this world will love you unconditionally. Do you cry when you remember every moment of being with your parents? Do you cry like a piece of intestine in front of your parents’ grave? So when you have free time, go home to visit them. Parents just need you to go home, do not waste time on useless games, and the friends in those fun are not worth the friendship.

“When parents are still treat them better, don’t make them worry about you. Parents don’t need you to make a lot of money, they just need their children to be with you because you are always.” the deepest concern “, Tay Boi Ninh said.

A person over 25 years old will see a relative passing away one by one. A life of separation and death, the rest of life will leave scars in the hearts of children. People who do not have an obsession with life and death are often happy because they have not experienced a truly desperate breakup. Anyone who has experienced samsara will understand: Those who are “left” are really suffering. A leather jacket, a call, a text, no matter how easy it is now, if not in time, it will become a lifelong regret.

Many old parents wait for their children to return home day and night.  Illustration.

Many old parents wait for their children to return home day and night. Illustration.

So, do not wait or delay, please cherish every moment with your parents. Meeting in this life is not necessarily another life. Stay with your parents when it’s not too late and give them more time. In the days when you can accompany, be more tolerant, gentle and kind to your parents.

Every time we cherish the present is to reduce any regrets later. Must understand that parents are unique in the world. Losing a friend can find another friend, losing a job can find another job, even a broken heart can be replaced by another … but the parents are no more , where to find?

Article by writer Jiang Jiang (China)

Vy Trang (According to sohu)


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