WhatsApp vs Telegram: 5 amazing features of Telegram that you will not find in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is facing criticism all over the world for its privacy policy. WhatsApp was talking about implementing this policy earlier in February, but it was postponed. Now once again WhatsApp privacy policy is being implemented. However, because of this, millions of WhatsApp users have turned to other instant messaging apps. The number of Telegram users has been steadily increasing for the last few days. Let us tell you that WhatsApp is quite a face app due to its features and user friendly, but now Telegram is also competing with WhatsApp with its new features. Today we are telling you about 5 such features of Telegram that you do not get on WhatsApp. Let’s know

Cloud storage- This is the unique feature of Telegram. With this, you can save your images, messages, media files and other important documents in Telegram’s cloud storage. You can store unlimited data here. You can also access it anytime by logging in anywhere. While in WhatsApp, you will not get any such feature at the moment.

Group Member Capacity Telegram users can use many options for group chat. It has features like groups, supergroups and channels. Through which users can chat community. Users can add 2 million members in the group. Apart from this, you can add 200 members in the supergroup, while creating channels, you can also use tools like broadcast. Whereas in the group of WhatsApp, you can only add 256 people.

Secret Chat- You can also do secret chat on Telegram. In this, you can use the end-to-end encrypted feature on chat. However, for this, users have to turn on end-to-end encrypted chat. Apart from this, you can also put a self-destruct timer on the message sent. If someone takes a screenshot of your secret chat, then the user also gets a notification, as well as you cannot forward the secret chat. While on WhatsApp you will not get any such feature.

Multi-platform support- Telegram allows its users to login to any device through name and password. That is, you can use Telegram in more than one device at a time. Whereas in WhatsApp you only have the option to use two devices i.e. phone and web.

File Sharing This is a very useful feature of Telegram. On Telegram, users get the option to share files up to 1.5GB while WhatsApp gives its users the option to share files up to 100MB only.


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