WhatsApp is taking action against those who do this before the assembly elections in five states

WhatsApp Action: WhatsApp on Monday said it is taking action on accounts with automated and bulk messaging at a time when political parties and individual candidates are misusing the platform to reach out to voters ahead of assembly elections in five states.

How Bulk WhatsApp API (Application Programming Interface) tools are helping parties and candidates to send political messages to voters’ WhatsApp in just 8 to 10 paise per bulk message in seconds, according to WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging platform said. Cares about the online security of its users as well as maintaining electoral integrity.

According to the company, “WhatsApp has advanced spam detection technology that works round the clock to process accounts with automated and bulk messaging, including blocking such accounts that violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.”

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In December 2019, the company said that it would take legal action against those who are abusing the platform or helping others by sending bulk or automated messages.

While such automated bulk messages are back in action, WhatsApp has a policy against individuals and companies who misuse the app by sending such bulk messages in violation of its terms and conditions, according to experts “five Violation is being done on a large scale in the election campaign in the states.

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WhatsApp said that the company has also made “dedicated efforts from a product and education standpoint, to empower users with resources that help them verify information”.

According to WhatsApp, “For example, our limits on ‘Forward’ have reduced the spread of ‘High Forwarded Messages’ on WhatsApp by more than 70 percent, therefore, actively disrupting virality on the platform. We encourage users to block and report accounts they find suspicious or if they receive false messages from them”.

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The company said it is working with 10 fact-checking organizations that are enabled on the WhatsApp Business platform and accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network. WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in the country. Assembly elections in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur will be completed in seven phases, with the first voting in Uttar Pradesh on February 10.

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