WhatsApp has started filling the phone with photos and videos, then follow these secret features of big work

Nowadays people are active and online on Whatsapp more than Facebook and Instagram. People keep checking WhatsApp status from each other’s DP. Apart from this, most photos and videos are shared on WhatsApp. However, it often causes storage problems in our phones. The reason behind this is that all the photos that come on WhatsApp in our phones are saved in the WhatsApp folder made in the gallery. Many people are not aware of turning this feature off. Apart from this, there are many such features on WhatsApp, about which very few people know. Today we are telling you about the 3 secret of Whatsapp and the features of the car. Let’s know

1 media files auto download Most people have this problem in their phones that photos, videos, gif and audio that come on Whatsapp are downloaded without downloading. This means Auto download mode ‘ON’ is in your WhatsApp. Due to which the data of your phone also costs more and the phone’s storage also fills. If you want, you can also turn it off, for this, you will have to go to the settings in WhatsApp and go to data usage. Here you will have to untick all the options by going to When using mobile data.

2 Last Scene Online- A lot of people, despite being online on Whatsapp, do not want to show when they came online and when they did not. For this, you can use a very interesting option. You go to the privacy of WhatsApp and go to privacy. Here you will see the last scene which you have to select nobody. Now whenever you come online, no one will know. If you want, you can also stop this option.

3 chat shortcuts- Many times we chat the most with some people in the office or with some family members, in such a situation, it can be annoying to chat with them by using WhatsApp again and again. For this, you have been given a feature of chat shortcut on WhatsApp, so that you can bring your most used contacts to the home screen of the phone. Now you can send messages directly to them without even opening Whatsapp. For this, you have to press and hold that contact chat for a while in WhatsApp. Now click on the three dots on the upright hand. Here you have to click on the option of add chat shortcut.


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