WhatsApp can soon launch these great features, know their specialty

New Delhi: Crores of people in the world use WhatsApp in personal and professional life. Apart from text, photos, videos and documents, now you can also transfer money to each other through WhatsApp. In today’s era, WhatsApp has become a very important app. WhatsApp is constantly adding new features for its users, so that their experience can be improved. WhatsApp is set to launch some more awesome features soon. This feature will make your chat quite fun. Currently, their testing is going on and after its completion these features will be launched.

Sticker option will be available
WhatsApp will soon launch such a feature Is, by using which you will be able to make your chat attractive. This feature will give you sticker decoration according to the words. According to the word you type in the chat box, you will get the option of sticker. In such a situation, you will be able to communicate your things to other people through a sticker. This will not only save your time, but will also improve the experience of chatting. This feature is in testing mode these days.

Will be able to change the color of the app & nbsp;
Soon you will be able to change the app color of WhatsApp. Apart from this, you will also be able to color your chat box and text according to your mind. Through this feature, your chat experience will be much better. WhatsApp is set to launch this feature for both Android and iOS users. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also preparing to launch many great features this year. & Nbsp;


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