WhatsApp blocked two million Indian accounts in a month

Messaging service company WhatsApp blocked two million Indian accounts between May 15 and June 15 this year, while it received 345 complaints of complaints. The company gave this information in its first monthly compliance report.

It has been made mandatory to submit this report under the new information technology rules. Under the new rules, major digital platforms with more than 5 million users are required to publish compliance reports every month. In this report, it is necessary to mention the complaints received by these forums and the action to be taken on them.

WhatsApp said on Thursday, “Our main focus is to prevent accounts from sending harmful or unwanted messages on a large scale. We are maintaining advanced capabilities to identify these accounts that send messages at high or unusual rates and In India alone, from May 15 to June 15, 20 lakh accounts attempting such misuse have been banned.”

The company clarified that more than 95 percent of such restrictions are due to unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging (spam). The Facebook-owned company said the number of blocked accounts has increased since 2019 as its systems become more advanced and help detect more such accounts.

WhatsApp is blocking or deactivating an average of 8 million accounts worldwide every month. Other social media platforms like Google, Ku, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have also submitted their compliance reports.

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