What’s going on in the USA? – Republicans vote for transphobic law again

Exactly a week ago In the US state of Mississippi, Republican Governor Tate Reeves (46) signed a new law that says that transgender athletes will no longer compete in teams of female athletes allowed to. It should come into force on July 1st. Another US state could now be added with Alabama.

The House of Representatives from Alabama voted on Thursday for a corresponding bill, which also provides that athletes in schools may only be assigned to teams according to their gender listed on the birth certificate. With 74 to 19 votes, the vote was clearer than in Mississippi. Now the Alabama Senate has to decide.

► However: As in Mississippi, it could still be challenged legally. A similar law was blocked by a federal court in Idaho last year.

After four years of Trump, more than a dozen states in the US are considering restrictions on transgender athletes.


The conservative politicians are apparently reacting to a decree by President Joe Biden (78), which bans discrimination on the basis of gender, among other things, in school sports at the federal level. So the Republicans consciously go to confrontation.

Incidentally, the US President signed the directive against trans-discrimination on January 20th – the day he took office.

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