What to do with the money saved during the Covid? A question worth billions

One hundred and sixty billion euros! This is the additional savings that the French will have accumulated at the end of 2021 after almost two years of health measures. With the confinements, closures of bars, restaurants or businesses, travel restrictions and sanitary gauges (which could weigh until the end of the year), households have made forced savings which are added to a rate of Already considerable savings: the French put aside on average 15% of their gross disposable income, more than the Germans or the Americans. What are we going to do with this “Covid capital”? It is a question of several tens of billions of euros, several points of growth and tens of thousands of jobs.

What will become of the savings accumulated during the health crisis?

Let’s dive into the forecasts of the French Observatory of Economic Conjunctures (OFCE), the independent research institute attached to Sciences-Po. If, in 2022, we return to our 2019 consumption level, without more, by keeping the nest egg accumulated during the Covid in our life insurance policies or in our bank account, the economy will start again with growth a little above 4 %. But if we spend pl

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