What to do when you just got a job and want to quit?

It may sound strange, but many employees admit to wanting to quit as soon as they join a new company.

A survey on recruitment platform Jobvite (USA) shows that 30% of employees want to quit after three months of being hired. In which, 43% said that the job position did not meet expectations, 34% had difficulties and obstacles at work and 32% said that the company culture is no longer appropriate.

But before you submit your resignation, you need to think about the reasons why you are not satisfied with your current job. And try to find the motivation to move on.

Reflect on the reasons for being disappointed with the new job

Taking time to reflect on the source of your frustration helps you avoid repeating the same mistake in the future. Start by making a list of what you expect. Mark with an asterisk the things that feel difficult to do, and try to find ways to overcome them.

For example, the employment agreement allows to leave work early to attend extra evening classes, but in reality it does not. Try talking to the company to find a solution. As long as you ensure the work progress and maintain the spirit of cooperation, the proposals are easily approved. Remember, the first priority is to solve the problem instead of giving up.

The work was not as expected, many people decided to give up after 3 months of trying. Illustration: Shutterstock

Try a new position

Starting a new job can be very exciting, but difficulties at work, conflicts with colleagues… can easily make you frustrated. Stopping may seem like a viable option, but don’t rush to decide.

Look more into the future, think you can succeed in your new role and give it a go. And if the situation does not improve, the decision to quit is not too late.

Have a frank conversation with your superiors

In the conversation, employees need to pay attention to how to use words to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Expressing dissatisfaction, implying that the boss is intentionally causing a disadvantage does not help your career, on the contrary, it also makes the situation worse.

If the problem lies in the work structure, think about areas of strength and desire to be involved. Don’t be afraid to share with your boss how you feel, as most managers want their employees to be happy.

Dissatisfied in the way of working, many new employees choose to quit as an effective solution.  Illustration: Shutterstock

Dissatisfied, conflicts in the way of working, many new employees choose to quit as an effective solution. Illustration: Shutterstock

Try to do a good job

Before getting a dream job, you need to perform well your duties at your current company. Completing the job well is a way to demonstrate strength, even though in reality there will be difficulties and obstacles. Remember, whether you quit or continue working, you need to be in good shape to receive the most objective and fair evaluations from your boss.

Minh Phuong (According to Harvard Business Review)


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