What time of year should I build a house?

With the desire to have a new home before Tet, Vietnamese homeowners often like to build a house at the end of the old year or at the beginning of the new year.

However, two times are not necessarily suitable for doing housework. According to architect Vo Luan, founder of the design office NiO Design (Hanoi), building a house at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year have advantages and disadvantages that homeowners need to consider.

Specifically, if building a house at the beginning of the year, homeowners may have a lot of time but little choice of materials and furniture because new designs are usually released in March and April. Besides, there are few promotions at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it will be difficult for homeowners to buy materials and furniture at good prices.

Meanwhile, at the end of the year, around November and December, materials and furniture are often discounted but quickly run out of stock. Not to mention, around this time, workshops and workers were closed, leading to a shortage of workers.

To know when to build a house, homeowners need to estimate the completion time. According to architect Khoa Ngo from the architecture office 6Atelier (Ho Chi Minh City), the time to complete a house depends on many factors, namely the time to find the participating units in the project and consult, the design time, the construction time, the construction time. The time to apply for a construction permit or approval from the building management, the estimated time for a number of objective factors beyond control.

“Only the design and construction time of an ordinary townhouse of size 4 x 15-20 m is about 6-8 months, of which 2-3 months of design and 4-5 months of construction”, Architect Khoa said. accumulate. “Design-construction time depends on the location of the house such as whether it is in an alley, difficult to get in or out.”

Townhouses or apartments can take up to a year to complete. Photo: MAP Design/Abluebird Photography.

The needs of the homeowner also affect the completion time of the house. For example, if you have a very special topic or demand perfection in every detail, the time to complete the house can take a whole year, even a few years.

“Homeowners should arrange and adjust the investment time for each of the above factors to get the right time to build a house,” Khoa said. Besides, you should listen to the proposed time from the design and construction units to avoid the case of being too urgent that affects the final product.

In order to have plenty of time and good quality work, Architect Vo Luan suggests that homeowners who plan to build a simple apartment or townhouse can start from the middle of the year. At this time, the market had many new products, and sales programs also started running.

For more complex projects such as villas or large townhouses, homeowners should calculate that the house will be finished in the summer, according to architect Tran Ngoc Linh, founder of the architectural office. Idea Architects (Hanoi). “Thus, the finishing stage is not close to Tet, the trees in the house can also grow to welcome the new year”, Mr. Linh said.

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