What time is the best time for children to go to bed?

Ensuring children get enough sleep not only ensures physical health but also helps with brain development and intellectual enhancement.

When we sleep, the organs in the body can be fully rested. With children, during the time the body is in a state of sleep, growth hormone is secreted, which has a very noticeable impact on height.

Studies have shown that growth hormone secretion peaks between 9pm and 1am and between 5am and 7am. However, when the child wakes up, growth hormone will not be secreted, directly affecting the height of the child.

The amount of time a child sleeps also affects brain development, especially in preschool age. Children who do not get enough sleep will have difficulty concentrating and react slowly during learning and playing. Poor sleep and prolonged insufficient sleep will reduce the body’s immunity and make children more susceptible to illness.

For children, going to bed at 20:30 – 21:00 and waking up after 7 a.m. can ensure that the body secretes enough growth hormone, which helps in the most effective physical and brain development.

For children, it is best to go to bed at 20:30 – 21:00 and wake up after 7 am. Illustration: QQ.

What affects children’s sleep?

Heavy academic duties

Children today are busy with regular school activities, extracurricular activities… making them stay up late to do homework. Sleeping late thus gradually becomes a habit

Parents sleep late

Many parents sleep late, even stay up watching TV, on the phone… Parents’ habit of staying up late gradually infects their children, causing the child to refuse to go to bed on time. The unscientific living habits of the whole family will have direct effects on children.

What do parents do to help their children sleep on time?

Build a habit of sleeping on time, enough sleep for your child

Children should be trained in the habit of napping, because this helps them have more energy in the afternoon. Note that the nap time should not exceed two hours.

Before the main sleep at night, do not let children exercise vigorously or play exciting games, which are easy to cause excitement, difficult to calm down, so it is difficult to fall asleep. Children should be directed to activities such as bathing, reading stories, listening to songs, etc. before going to bed so that children can be emotionally stable, they can lie still when they go to bed and then fall asleep.

Stick to a moderate amount of activity each day

Children should exercise and do sports every day, don’t always just focus on studying and ignore rest and play.

It is important to ensure that children have about an hour of physical activity each day, which helps promote their physical development and helps them sleep better at night.

Thuy Linh (According to QQ)


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