What savings strategy for the younger generations?

Another phenomenon that the health crisis will have accentuated: the gap is widening between seniors who hold a large part of private assets and young people who find it difficult to save. The median net wealth of those in their thirties is three times lower than that of those over 70! So, how do you do, when you are a young worker, to build up a wealth, or failing that, lay the foundations?

Why we must get rid of real estate and move towards life insurance at retirement age

Unlike their elders, the professional and family stabilization of young people comes much later: the duration of studies is longer, the average age at which women give birth to their first child has also shifted, professional geographical mobility is more important …

Faced with so many uncertainties, there is no point in adopting an overly restrictive asset strategy. Despite the low interest rate environment, it is not necessary to buy your main residence at all costs when you start your working life. The risk that this investment will quickly become unsuitable is too great.

To favor flexibility, you must:

  • Avoid stacking deposit accounts

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