What not to eat during a Valentine date

Certain foods lead to embarrassing moments like bloating, bad breath and ruining your evenings.

Here are the things you should avoid on your romantic date.

Garlic and onions

Kissing is a romantic act, but no one can focus on enjoying it if bothered by the smell of garlic and onions. If you don’t want to be offensive, stay away from garlic and onions for at least a day.

If the restaurant uses garlic for cooking, you just need not to eat garlic in your dishes. In the case of home cooking, you should use garlic soaked oil instead of fresh garlic or garlic powder.

Food easily gets caught in the teeth

Laughing and revealing sticky teeth is an experience no one wants to experience. Sticky foods include beer, broccoli, popcorn, popcorn, and some meat dishes like ribs, steaks. White bread, crackers, and hard snacks can also cling to your teeth and push you into embarrassing situations.

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Food causes gas

Fiber is healthy, but eating too much will cause bloating. During a romantic evening, avoid broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts because they easily generate gas in the digestive system. Certain foods like beans and onions cause bloating and bloating, which can also cause bowel discomfort.

In addition, be cautious when eating dairy foods.

High-fat foods

Testosterone decreases after a meal with too much fat, leading to a decrease in libido. This phenomenon can happen in anyone, whether male or female. Not to mention, fatty foods like french fries, fried chicken, and pizza are not good for general health.

Acoholic drink

One or two drinks of alcohol will make you feel good, confident and increase your libido. However, if you drink too much, the central nervous system will be affected, causing the opposite effect. In a state of fatigue, your appointment will be ruined. Not to mention, the sugar in beer can cause bloating and gas.

In addition to the above notes, people with a history of conditions such as chronic inflammation or reflux should be careful to avoid items that easily aggravate their condition. Ideally, choose whole grain foods rich in potassium, flavonoids and nitrates to promote heart health.

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