What makes a luxury bag?

Not only durable and suitable for most outfits, the luxury bag gives you a unique feeling when used and can increase in value over time.

1. Flexibility

A well-designed bag can simultaneously contain many elements such as fashion, elegance and ease of use. It can match almost any outfit in your wardrobe and is perfect for any occasion.

For example, one of Burberry’s signature products is the Lola crossbody bag. The exterior is tufted leather, chain strap, classic but still youthful appearance, so it is highly adaptable. Whether you use it at work, a date or a fancy party, a casual lunch is still very suitable.

There are a number of outstanding features of a luxury handbag that should be noticed, such as the brand, the degree of flexibility in use, exclusivity… Photo: CNA

2. Easy to use

The characteristic of a good bag is to bring you comfort and ease. Not only the overall bag, but the details of keywords, straps, even stitches, make the user feel convenient. The chain strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, flexible and stylish.

The design is practical without compromising on aesthetics – big enough to hold what you need, without being overdone in style.

3. High durability

A big part of the luxury of a bag comes from the material. Genuine leather and high-grade leather are preferred.

Most luxury handbags are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, hand-sewn, which industrial production in factories can never match. Because of the materials and workmanship, the bag is durable. You can rest assured that it will not suddenly break the wire, break the lock.

What makes a luxury bag?  - first

A stylish bag. Photo: Esinaka

4. Unique goods

Expensive luxury bags always have a reason. One of the things customers experience is a feeling of exclusivity and class. You will rarely find yourself in public with someone carrying the same bag. The value you get from an expensive bag will never be found in an ordinary bag.

5. Timeless

Perhaps the most sought-after quality of a luxury bag is that it is timeless. You won’t regret buying it because it never goes out of style. Moreover, it is the perfect combination of high practicality and aesthetic taste.

6. Ethics

If your concern is ethics in products, then choose luxury bags, because it comes from reputable brands and skilled craftsmen. The price of the bag also comes from the brand.

7. A Good Investment

A luxury handbag can increase in value over time. This is why some women invest in luxury. Over time, you can actually get value for your money, if not more.

The important thing in a luxury bag is that it can be used to its full capacity, durable year after year, helping you not to feel sorry for money when buying it.

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