What has Google recorded about you on your smartphone?

How To Google Tips: If you’re an Android smartphone user, you must have used Google Assistant at some point, if not regularly. If you do not know, then tell that Google records your voice to answer your question. if you Google If you want to listen to a voice recording made by your AI voice assistant, here’s how you can do it on your phone.

How To Check Recordings

  • First login to your Google Account. If you haven’t done so or are logged out, open the Google app, tap on your profile in the top right side and go to ‘Manage your Google account’.
  • Now, on the Google Account page, tap on the Data & personalization tab.
  • In Data & personalization you will find Activity controls where you will be able to check web and app activity, location history, YouTube history etc.
  • There is an alternate way to get to this page called Google My Activity. The direct link for that is https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity?pli=1.
  • Now go to Manage your activity controls.

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  • Now scroll down and go to Manage activity.
  • Now go to Filter by date.
  • Now select Voice Recording and apply.

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  • Now here you will be able to check and listen to your recording.
  • If you have opened the Google My Activity page through the link, you can go to ‘Filter by date and product’ to follow step 6 onwards.


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