What gave Apex Legends the popularity it deserves?

What gave Apex Legends the popularity it deserves?

Apex Legends is one of the most played Battle Royale games for the time being. It is considered owning the title of the highest skill cap shooter game of the decade. It combined the fast pace gameplay of games like Unreal Tournament with the Battle Royale genre where you need to be the last man/team standing! It has very good balanced characters or ‘Legends’ as they call them out, with very unique and distinctive maps. The ranking system is the baseline as all other ranking systems but with an amazing twist that makes it so much better than other Royales. You start off with your rank low and then you climb ahead, but instead of camping and running away from fights and climbing because you are in the top 5 teams you start each round with minus ranking points that you need to earn and eventually go ahead during the actual match. If you lose you just have the minus points deducted from your rank. This makes Apex Legends one of the best ranking systems that rewards players for their skill, not for their ability to run away!

Is the ranking system too hard on players?

Some might argue pro and some might argue con, but overall the ranking system is well balanced.

Pros – Skilled players are rewarded for their exceptional gameplay. Doing well in matches and dying afterwards still rewards you with points even if you aren’t the top 5 teams. You get points for doing damage too, not just getting lucky with a knock down. Balanced ranking with people near your skill level.

Cons – People can slowly climb up the rank by avoiding fights and staying in the ring, obtaining around +13 points compared to the actual +160 points for winning the match. As mentioned previously the skill cap is kind of big, the high level people will punish the unexperienced ones too much and sort of gate keeping them until they get better. Diamond players are instantly matched with Predator players because the number of Predators is too low and they have to get in some games instead of waiting in que forever.

It is universally deemed as a decently thought system and not many people have had issues and complaints about the way it works.

Where can people practice in order to get better and rank up?

This is a very troublesome question, some would say just continue playing ranked some would say play normal games but the truth is normal games don’t really improve your gameplay that much because you can be matched with people that of every rank that simply queued up at the same time as you did. You can be matched against a full premade of Diamonds with Silver players in your team or by an odd reason there can be multiple Predator squads going rampant through the map. So if it’s not one it’s the other. Ranked queue will improve your gameplay the most considering that you will face people around your skill level that you will climb if you overcome it. Only issue with this method is the early low Diamond queue. As mentioned above, Diamond players are matched with Predator players due the fact there isnta big amount of Predator players out there making their experience rather unenjoyable and difficult because the difference between early Diamond and high Diamond/Predator is high people are rather stuck in the early Diamond levels being completely dominated every game without an actual place to practice and many players face this problem making them feel unenthusiastic towards ranking up.

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What other methods are there to help improve people other than simply sink countless hours in the game hoping to understand the mechanics better?There are many ways on how to improve while being offline! Such as following the meta of which weapons are the best in the current patch, which weapons do the most damage and which additions are best on which weapon such as mag or zoom, which Legends are the best suited for your playstyle and which ones will give you an upper hand when fighting or looting, where to drop exactly that will improve your general gameplay regarding looting or surviving early game. There are almost always crowded spots that players should avoid if you want to rank up. There are many places where you can find this kind of information. Many people usually go for Streamers in order to improve and see how the top 1% of the world plays the game and that’s the usual go to. There are also many websites and communities such as RedditFacebook communities – and boosting websites – that can help you improve your gameplay, skill and rank. They offer plenty of guides and free lessons to play with professionals that will give you tips and tricks on how to improve your gameplay and rank.

Why should I go to such communities in order to get help, why not just play myself?

There are many players that consider these kind of communities to be bad simply because they feel as if they acquired the skill they have by playing themselves but that’s not always the case. In this busy always ongoing modern world not everybody can invest that amount of hours in the game and have to come by and request help from these kinds of communities if they want to improve themselves and get a higher ranking for certain rewards. Example completing your battle pass or getting the badges/trophies to do 40k damage or kill 20 people in a single match without such help would be nearly impossible. This is different than cheating as Apex has a lot of issues with hackers and players using third party programs to assist their aim, speed and general gameplay which is a punishable offense. Some accounts even get permanently banned for doing such things and Respawn Entertainment are actively fighting against problems as these that cause an imbalanced and a not very pleasant experience for the other players. Compared to getting help from these types of communities is completely allowed and recommended if you want to improve your rank or achieve some sort of weapon skin that you wouldn’t normally be able to.

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