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A large belly, too low or smaller than the gestational age can be a warning sign of the health of the fetus.

Pregnancy is a joy for many mothers. During the 9 months of pregnancy, a mother’s body will go through a lot of changes and each pregnant woman will have different belly features. According to many studies, the shape of the pregnant belly can reveal a number of things related to the health status of mother and baby. Here are the revelations about common belly sizes.

Abdomen is too wide

The large belly is because the baby is lying horizontally. According to Verywell Family This position of the baby will not pose any danger to the mother and the fetus during pregnancy. However, parents should intervene early to turn the baby over before birth by cesarean section because of dangers such as making the birth process difficult, the baby is easy to suffocate or the uterus ruptures.

In this case, pregnant women should be actively monitored in the last 3 months of pregnancy and rest appropriately. Besides, mothers also need to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Taking the initiative to have regular antenatal check-ups will help pregnant women prevent risks. Image: Freepik.

Belly too low

Very low belly often occurs during the second or third pregnancy. This is because the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus gradually stretch and weaken over time, thereby making it impossible for the muscles to hold the growing uterus as before. Although not too dangerous, the low belly shape of the uterus will put pressure on the lower back. Supportive exercises recommended during this period would be slow walking or gentle yoga poses.

At the end of pregnancy, pregnant women will feel the size of their belly gradually decrease overnight. According to Verywell Familythis is a warning sign that the baby is about to be born.

Belly too high

During the first two-thirds of pregnancy, the baby will tend to lie on top. Scientists emphasize that this phenomenon is not a sign to help determine the sex of the fetus. According to Healthline, The belly is too high and lying on the top because the mother has strong abdominal muscles or this is the first pregnancy. This phenomenon is not dangerous during pregnancy.

Big belly

Pregnant women often feel that their belly is bigger than other pregnant women. This phenomenon is not cause for concern, especially in women who are pregnant for the second time. Many studies show that the belly is bigger than usual because the muscles have been stretched to help pregnant women no longer feel uncomfortable and reduce pressure on the uterus.

Stomach smaller than gestational age

Like babies, pregnant bellies come in all shapes and sizes. Normally, the normal growth rate when a woman begins to appear is about 1 cm per week. If a pregnant woman’s abdominal muscles are strong and tight, they will prevent the uterus from protruding forward. This makes the belly tend to look smaller than other pregnant women.

However, Verywell Family still recommend mothers to be cautious because this phenomenon can be related to lack of amniotic fluid or too little amniotic fluid. Therefore, pregnant women need to perform regular antenatal check-ups to assess the amniotic fluid and protect the health of the fetus.

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