What do hot Vietnamese gym girls bring to their mothers during Tet?

(Sports news) The hot gym girls have quite interesting sharing about the plans as well as the gifts to bring back to the family during the traditional Tet holiday this year.

Impressive workouts in Trang Trit’s Gym

Trit page: “I strive to bring my son-in-law back to my parents”

Beautiful, famous and has an extremely fiery body with three-round measurements of 84-64-94 cm, female Gymer Trang Trit (real name Ngo Thi Huyen Trang) revealed that she was constantly being urged by her parents… to get married. husband.

Trit page struggles to find a boyfriend because his parents urged him to get married

“I am still single and feel pretty good about it. However, my parents kept urging me to get married, but…where did my husband get married, my parents didn’t say. That’s why I strive to find a future boyfriend or son-in-law to meet my parents on this Tet holiday. If not, I can only bring money back to celebrate my parents’ age.” Female Gymer witty sharing.

Trit page revealed that her biggest hobby during each New Year is going to buy beautiful peach trees or kumquat trees for home decoration. In particular, the girl who is known for this “gym craze” revealed that she does not like to diet during the New Year.

Hot girls in Vietnamese gym

Hot girl in the gym shares her dislike of dieting during Tet holiday

“I think when we sit down to have dinner with everyone in the family, we should be sociable, we shouldn’t abstain from anything. Eating freely for a few days does not make us fat. Tet is an opportunity for us to meet more friends and relatives. Be as carefree, happy and comfortable as possible. In addition, I also spend time going to the temple to pray for health and peace for my family in the new year,” added the hot girl from Gym.

Pham Ngoc My: “Practice through Tet and bring money to your mother”

Female Gymer, who has an impressive measurement of 89-68-105 cm, said that she will continue to practice during this Tet holiday because she has made a rather detailed and rigorous plan to upgrade her body curves.

Hot girls in Vietnamese gym

My West practiced throughout Tet

“The gym I am working at is open throughout Tet, my house is also close by, so I still exercise regularly during the traditional Tet holiday. I spend at least 3 sessions a week working on my butt and legs, helping my body have a certain definition,” Ngoc My said.

The hot girl nicknamed “My Tay” said that in addition to preparing a small amount of money for her parents, she also personally bought the necessary items, decorated the house as well as brought relatives to buy new clothes. Hot girl 9x said that this year due to the influence of the epidemic, her family did not travel, but mainly gathered together to welcome a reunion Tet.

Hot girls in Vietnamese gym

She loves giving money to her parents as well as shopping and decorating for her family

“I wish my parents a healthy new year, that is also my wish to everyone. Personally, I will try to improve my professional knowledge and skills so that I can help people who need to change their physique as well as create positive motivation for everyone”, added Gymer from Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Giang Tien: “Bring lots of gifts for loved ones”

Hot girl gymnasium Giang Tien shared that she likes to use her savings to buy lots of gifts for her parents and relatives in the new year.

Hot girls in Vietnamese gym

Christmas Fairy loves to give lots of gifts to parents and relatives

“I think almost everyone loves the feeling of being given a gift and opening it. Therefore, every New Year, I often buy a lot of gifts for my parents as well as to give to relatives and relatives. I feel this is the most meaningful act during Tet”, shared female Gymer with attractive measurements of 88-63-98 cm.

According to Gymer from Binh Thuan, she practiced until December 30, then took a three-day break for the New Year before starting to practice again on the 4th day of the Lunar New Year. Giang Tien said that she is not too strict in eating during Tet, but she will not let go to control her measurements and weight.

Hot girls in Vietnamese gym

The beauty will return to practice on the 4th of Tet

“Besides resting and spending time with my family after a year of work, Tet is also a time for me to slow down, reflect and renew myself, and get ready for new plans. 2022 will be the year I have many big plans for my life and work, so this Tet is even more meaningful to me,” said Giang Tien.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/cac-hot-girl-phong-gym-viet-mang-gi-ve-cho-me-trong-dip-tet-c2…

Hot girl in the gym with a

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