What can a man do to make his wife happy?

Regularly holding hands, hugging or cuddling your wife is a way to help release love hormones, making your marriage happier.

The famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud once asked the question: “What do women want?”. This is a puzzling question.

But if you ask, what can a man do to make his wife happy and improve his marriage, he will find practical ways. Here are some suggestions on how to make your wife happier and your marriage stronger.


Some women complain, “He never pays attention to what I say”. Maybe this wife was right. Familiarity can create apathy.

Listening is the key to any successful conversation and an important part of a marriage. If your wife is telling you about her sad day at work, listen and respond, instead of nodding, or engrossed in her phone.

Clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly (USA) advises: “Many couples find incredible joy simply by being heard.”

Holding your wife’s hand is a way to maintain a happy and lasting marriage. Photo: Health


While attending a recent wedding, a rabbi gave the bride and groom advice: “The key to a long and happy union is to touch each other every day.”

According to numerous studies, affectionate touch can not only promote feelings of attachment in couples, but in long-term relationships it can also contribute to physical health and happiness.

Science explains, when we touch our partner, we feel an increase in the hormone oxytocin, commonly known as the “love hormone” in the brain, which helps maintain feelings of deep attachment.

Couples are often as sticky as sam at the beginning, but over time they will gradually drift away from each other due to the pressure of rice and money and forget about touching each other. Change it by touching your partner often. Walk hand in hand, hug while she’s cooking, or learn to sleep in the other’s arms.

Love letters

Who doesn’t feel appreciated when they receive a gift, especially a surprise gift. Flowers, chocolates and other gifts are common symbols of love that men give to women. But perhaps for many women, a gift like a handwritten card is more meaningful.

Flowers aside, sometimes you can put a note of love under her pillow or in her book bag. You even mail her a letter. Few of us get handwritten letters in this email age so that would come as a big surprise.

Do a good job as a father

When you go to work during the day, you are worried about developing your career and family economy. When you return home, do not forget that you still have the responsibility of a husband and father.

Women appreciate good fathers. Sharing the duties and joys of parenthood is a surefire way to raise good children and strengthen marriages.


Whether you’ve been married for a week or 50 years, whether she’s dressed to a party or cleaning the kitchen in an old t-shirt, tell the woman in your life that she’s beautiful. If she makes you a favorite dish, thank her. If she tells a funny story, respond.

Saying words of love is one of the no-cost ways to please your wife and strengthen your marriage, most recommended by marriage and family psychologists.

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