Welcoming the New Year of the Tiger with Vietnam Tel

Watching international football on the traditional New Year’s Day is no longer a strange thing for Vietnamese fans, but seeing the Vietnamese team play at home on the 1st day of Tet (February 1), again at a stadium. An important playground such as the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia, is really an experience that is not easy to encounter in life.

This experience is even more valuable when the opponent of Vietnam is the Chinese team, whose first day of the New Year is just as important to them as we are, so this will be an extremely difficult match. especially, because both sides are so eager to win that they cannot use ordinary words to describe it. The match will be broadcast live by K+ Television on K+SPORT1 channel, relaying on VTV6 and VTV5, promising a positive result for the home team to give “lucky money” to fans across the country.

After 6 matches in the 3rd qualifying round, Vietnam Tel still has no points, and in the match against China in the first leg, Vietnam Tel got very close to the goal of getting the first score when scoring immediately. two goals in the second half of the second half to level the score 2-2, but the moment of lack of concentration in the extra time caused Vietnam to receive the third goal. Therefore, in the second leg match taking place on On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Vietnam Tel is expected to have a positive result, bringing joy to fans across the country on the first day of the new year.

Right before the very important match against China at My Dinh Stadium, the Vietnamese team also had a remarkable march to Australia to meet the home team in Melbourne on January 27 (January 25). December). The Australian Tel is the opponent that the Vietnamese team once failed to narrowly lose in the first leg, with the highlight being the situation where the referee refused to give Vietnam an 11m kick, even though the VAR system caught the phase error. let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area of ​​the Australian defender.

Vietnam Tel also has a very remarkable march to Australia

The unsatisfactory results of the Vietnamese team in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 led coach Park Hang Seo to conduct a drastic personnel reshuffle right in the first gathering of the new year 2022. Therefore, two matches are coming. Coming to Australia and China will be an opportunity for K+ TV viewers to directly “appraisal” the effectiveness of the changes made by Coach Park Hang Seo in Vietnam.

Welcoming the New Year of the Tiger with Vietnam Tel - 2

Vietnam Tel is expected to have a positive result on the first day of the new year

Due to being infected with Covid-19 before the Vietnam team gathering, Van Toan and Tien Linh could not go to Australia to attend the match on January 27, and center-back Que Ngoc Hai was also absent because of the suspension, but this trio will definitely return in time in the match against China. Fortunately, coach Park Hang Seo was still named Hoang Duc on the list to go to Australia after the midfielder was no longer positive for Covid-19.

Besides, Coach Park Hang Seo also has a very important return of midfielder Do Hung Dung, the new captain of the Vietnam team.

Both matches against Australia and China of Vietnam Tel will be brought to the audience by K + Television during the Lunar New Year, live on K + SPORT1, broadcast on VTV6 and VTV5, next to Another attractive sports party that has become a trademark of K+ Television includes the most attractive football tournament on the continent, the English Premier League 2021-2022, the first tennis Grand Slam of the year – Australian Open 2022, the Golf tournament system The prestigious PGA Tour or the expected UFC martial arts events…

After a series of key matches took place in January 2022 such as Arsenal – Manchester City (1-2), Chelsea – Liverpool (2-2) or Manchester City – Chelsea (1-0), round 23 of the Premier League will continue to serve K+ TV audiences with another top-notch encounter between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur on January 23. In addition, special companion programs such as EPL – My Club, Premier League Perspective, Sa Ban, Premier Saturday, Super Sunday, Team I Love, etc. produced by K+ Television continue to be delivered. fans throughout the season.

Welcoming the New Year of the Tiger with Vietnam Tel - 3

The English Premier League continues to serve the audience K +

Tennis fans are also treated by K+ with delicious dishes from the first and most important Grand Slam matches of the year – Australian Open 2022 (January 17 – 30) and a series of attractive companion programs. with a team of professional commentators such as journalist Pham Tan, commentators Thuy Dung, Hai Linh, Tran Son Hoang Minh…

Welcome the New Year of the Tiger with Vietnam Tel - 4

K+ TV is the exclusive broadcaster of the Australian Open in Vietnam

The Golf PGA Tour system kicks off the new year with a series of events taking place on the Hawaiian Islands such as The American Express (January 20 – 23), Farmers Insurance Open (January 26 – 29) … promising to bring shots. attractive ball no less dramatic. Similarly, the UFC martial arts content is also very noticeable at the UFC 270 event (January 22), as this is the first time there is a title fight with heavyweight star Francis Ngannou.

For those who are passionate about speed sports, the event at the Rallye Monte-Carlo (January 20 – 23) will open the exciting road racing tournament World Rally Championship or Formula 1TM 2022 (from March 20). Bringing drama back on beautiful roads and turns, only on K+ TV.

Welcoming the New Year of the Tiger with Vietnam Tel - 5

A fiery weekend with a variety of remarkable tournaments, all on K+ . channels

All these events will help K+ TV customers to continue to satisfy the feeling of “sporting” at its peak throughout before and during the Lunar New Year.

Accompanying the fans to celebrate the jubilant and exciting Lunar New Year, K+ Television also offers “early lucky money” in January 2022:

For customers who buy K+ HD or K+TV satellite receivers, a full set of equipment worth 1.2 million VND is free when registering a new subscription with a term of 12 months.

For customers who buy App K+: Only VND 69,000 when buying new (apply for the first month) or renewing the “Full” package worth VND 145,000 to watch K+ TV on mobile devices. At the same time, discount 15,000 VND for the “Link” package when entering the code ‘GIADINH’.

Audiences register to buy K+ here.

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