Wedding photography secrets for parents

Long AnOn the occasion of the trip to Dalat after Tet, Thanh Thao and her three children decided to give their parents a surprise gift on their 35th wedding anniversary.

“I didn’t think this gift would make my parents so happy and happy,” Thanh Thao, 35, the eldest daughter of Mr. Bay Trung, 63, and Mrs. Ut Xiu, 58, from Long An, said about the set. Outdoor wedding photos that four children give to their parents.

On the morning of February 8, the day before the trip, Thao and her youngest brother went to hire the bride’s chiffon and waistcoat and bow tie for the groom. The sisters spent half a day searching everywhere to find the right items because many studios have not reopened. All preparations are kept secret to surprise the two main characters.

Mr. Bay and Mrs. Ut were photographed by their children to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary in Da Lat, on February 10. Photo: Characters provided

“This is the first time my five family members have had the opportunity to go out together, missing only the youngest son. Before, I was too busy, did not have the opportunity,” said Mrs. Ut and showed off her first day in Da Nang. Lat and her husband were taken by their children to visit and take pictures in many places.

On the second day, the whole family rode motorbikes to the lavender garden area, Thao and her two children suddenly pulled out their clothes from the prepared bag and informed their parents. Surprised by the proposal from his children, Mr. Bay bewilderedly turned to look at his wife. Mrs. Ut wittily said to her son: “If you are so prepared, why don’t you tell me early so that I can bring more things and take beautiful pictures?”

“But soon, I’m not happy, I want to make a simple, simple but full of emotions, like the daily life of my parents,” Thao replied.

The eldest sister took on the task of taking pictures, finding a beautiful angle. Two younger sisters, Trang and Truc, help their mother with makeup, dress, and put a white chiffon on her head, then help her father wear a bow and adjust his hair. Finally, the sisters help the bride and groom pose and laugh for the most natural photos.

During the trip, Mr. Bay held his wife’s hand tightly. He said that she hurt her feet and was afraid to climb steep slopes, so “she had to hold on to my hand”. “Not only going out, my parents are also emotional like this every day. My parents are very pampered, my mother is happy. Many tourists see their parents taking wedding photos and also watch and take pictures,” Thao said.

In addition to the lavender garden, on the third day, more wedding photos were taken in the hydrangea garden and other places. In each place, Thao’s family stayed for about 15 minutes. In addition to the costumes, the three sisters prepared an “unmatched” wedding bouquet including a cauliflower costing 15,000 VND, hydrangea bought at the tourist area for 20,000 VND and some wildflowers picked by the roadside.

“But it’s not cheap that the bouquet loses its value, I want everything to be simple but warm, because the mother’s photo series will keep unforgettable memories,” the eldest daughter confided.

Bay and his wife were prepared by their children to take photos to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Da Lat on February 10.  Photo: Character provided

Bay and his wife were prepared by their children to take photos to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Da Lat on February 10. Photo: Characters provided

Mr. Bay and Mrs. Ut got married in 1987. At that time, he was a driver and often stopped at Mrs. Ut’s restaurant to eat. After learning, grandparents should be married. Thao said that her mother is a friendly and approachable person. Wherever she goes, whomever she meets, she can chat and make her feel like family. And dad is a cheerful person, ready to do tricks to make the whole family laugh and loves his wife and children very much.

After getting married, Mr. Bay and his wife started a freelance business and planted more fruit trees to feed their four children to study. Love to travel, but grandparents rarely go for fear of cost. It was not until this trip, when the children had booked flight tickets and hotels, that the grandparents agreed because the matter was over.

“My sister and I hope to be able to take our parents to many places and take pictures to celebrate the 40th and 45th wedding anniversary,” Thao laughed.

As for Mrs. Ut, after taking wedding photos, she would take pictures every day. She said she would choose a few beautiful pictures to print and frame as a souvenir. “But until now, I still can’t choose the picture I like because I think every picture is beautiful and I like it,” the 58-year-old woman laughed.

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