Weather: where does the sun shine? Germany is divided into three zones

It won’t be a mega spring weekend. Sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, sometimes rain. It even smelled.

On Saturday there will be sun from the coast down to the Main. From then on more clouds and towards the Alps and the Black Forest showers and rain.

climatologist dr. Karsten Brandt from to BILD: “On Sunday we have three weather zones in Germany. The north gets fresh sea air from the North and Baltic Seas at eight to ten degrees with a few April showers. From Berlin over to Cologne it remains the most beautiful; with 13 to 18 degrees it is mild despite east wind and some sun. South of the low mountain range, ie Hesse, Saarland down to Bavaria, Sunday falls into the ‘water’. A few showers and a maximum of only ten degrees are to be expected.”

The high Spiro weakens at the weekend. The first showers and thunderstorms will pass in the southwest on Saturday.

Weather expert Brandt: “Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in particular are overcast and ten to twelve degrees cool and sometimes wet. The only problem in the sunny north and center is the strong easterly wind. Up to 20 degrees in NRW, 17 degrees in Lower Saxony and 12 to 15 degrees on the coasts and in Berlin.”

An ornamental cherry blossoms against the backdrop of Dresden’s old town on the banks of the ElbePhoto: Sebastian Kahnert/dpa

Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from told BILD: “Saturday will still be the best day of the weekend, and Sunday will be very changeable. Then there will be thunderstorms in the south and center, locally limited with heavy rain and a small-scale risk of flooding. You should keep a close eye on small streams during a heavy rain shower.”

As always, the rain won’t hit everyone and especially the north, north-west and north-east won’t get it at all. It stays almost completely dry there.

Diplom meteorologist Dominik Jung from told BILD: “Spring 2022 was already halfway through and so far has had a decent deficit in the rain. After more than half of the season, the rain target is only 30 percent fulfilled, in some locations not even ten percent. Nowhere has spring met its rain target 100 percent. The next few days will bring a few showers and thunderstorms, but no land rain and that would be necessary for nature and especially agriculture.”

This is what the weather will be like next week

On Monday the last showers on the North Sea and between Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria and from Tuesday the dry and clear weather will return. Just under 20 degrees until the weekend, but often a dry easterly wind and many hours of sunshine.

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

▶︎ Monday: 11 to 16 degrees, changeable mix of sun, clouds and showers

▶︎ Tuesday: 12 to 16 degrees, especially in the middle of showers and thunderstorms, otherwise sunshine again and again

▶︎ Wednesday: 12 to 18 degrees, mostly a friendly mix of sun and clouds, little showers

▶︎ Thursday: 11 to 20 degrees, alternating sun and clouds, dry

▶︎ Friday: 12 to 20 degrees, often nice with sunshine and a few clouds

Weather expert Brandt: “From Tuesday/Wednesday the zone weather will clear up and we will all start May with sun and dry air. However, it is not too warm. Maximum 20 to 21 degrees.”


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