Weather USA: Storm “Elsa” floods New York

The New York subway is world famous – and soaking wet!

The reason is “Elsa”. The tropical storm hit US land in Florida on Wednesday and moved along the coast in a north-east direction over the course of the days. On Friday he reached the metropolis of New York.

“Elsa” caused damage with flooded roads and uprooted trees. The rail traffic was also not up to the water masses.

A truck rushes through the masses of water that “Elsa” has left behindPhoto: J. Conrad Williams Jr./AP

The wind speed in the high-rise canyons reached up to 85 kilometers per hour, rain pelted from the sky. Too much water for the subway system, which has been in operation for more than 100 years.

Videos show New Yorkers wading waist-high through pent-up floods. Several subway stations could no longer be controlled.

This woman was surprised by a gust of wind

This woman was surprised by a gust of windPhoto: Mark Lennihan / AP

“We’re waiting for the water to recede now,” said Joe Soto. He’s the city’s emergency manager. “The drainage system was simply overloaded.”

Sarah Feinberg, the chairwoman of the New York City Transport Authority, wrote in an email: “We weathered the storm quite well.”

These surfers use the foothills of the tropical storm

These surfers use the foothills of the tropical storm Photo: SPENCER PLATT / AFP

There had also been damage in other parts of the country. In Florida, a man died after a tree fell on his car.

The tropical storm hit the coast in the southernmost state with wind speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour. In the course of the last three days, however, “Elsa” had lost strength.

Nevertheless, numerous damage occurred in other states as well, mainly caused by heavy rain. In Georgia “Elsa” had thrown a mobile home more than 50 meters through the air.

In South Carolina, the Coast Guard had to rescue a family whose boat was stranded in a deserted area. An additional tornado was reported in North Carolina.

Several people died in the Caribbean. There the storm was still classified as a hurricane.


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