Weather: This is how storm Klaus swept through Germany

Storm “Klaus” hit Germany with gale-force gusts. The north was in focus. In addition to the strong wind, there were also thunderstorms and sleet showers.

► In sleet and slippery conditions, it is 14 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania given several accidents. For example, on the A14 near Schwerin, two drivers came off the road with their cars and crashed into the crash barriers. You were unharmed.

At Dobin am See (district) Ludwigslust-Parchim, too, a car driver crashed into the guard rails. The car was rammed from behind by another car, the driver of which had also lost control. Three people in the hospital!

Hamburg: The fire brigade has taken branches from the tracksPhoto: Jonas Walzberg / dpa

► Nothing at all happened on the train routes on Thursday evening Dortmund and Munster (Objects in the overhead line) as well as between Oldenburg and Leer (Overhead line fault). The latter blockage will also affect IC long-distance traffic on the route from Norddeich Mole via Emden, Bremen and Hanover to Dresden – probably by Friday morning. Regional express 1 between Hanover and Leer. There is a replacement bus service here.

► In Hamburg a tarpaulin was blowing into the overhead line between the main train station and Harburg. According to a railway spokesman, the problem was quickly eliminated.

► In Bremen-North The power supply failed over a large area after a tree fell on a substation in a storm. In cooperation with the energy supplier, the damage was repaired in the evening, said a spokesman for the fire department. The storm had picked up speed at noon. “With the wind, the situation has increased significantly.” A fallen tree also stopped a regional train in the region. All passengers were uninjured.

► The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) was waiting for the North Sea coast Water levels up to one meter above normal high water.

A fallen tree lies in the Kiel district of Blücherplatz

A fallen tree lies in the Kiel district of Blücherplatz Photo: Frank Molter / dpa

► In North Rhine-Westphalia gale force gusts were measured in several places on Thursday.

In the Düsseldorf city center Loosened – probably due to the storm – a church tower cross. According to the fire brigade, there was a risk of it falling. In the City of Essen a passer-by was hit in the head by a falling roof tile during a storm.

In Krefeld the fire brigade had to clear a tree from an overhead tram line. Between Troisdorf and Bonn-Beuel, too, an overhead line disruption impaired train traffic.

An uprooted tree also has a road to it Bielefeld blocked and put a driver in danger. The 23-year-old noticed the obstacle too late on Friday night and got under the tree with his car, the police said. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

A surfer jumps over a wave on the North Sea off the island of Norderney

A surfer jumps over a wave on the North Sea off the island of NorderneyPhoto: Volker Bartels / dpa

The situation in central and southern Germany

► Because of two tangled cranes, the Rhineland-Palatinate a federal road and a railway line in the district of Trier-Saarburg are temporarily closed.

In the early afternoon, around 2 p.m., I got stuck on a construction site Nittel in the wind the pulling rope of one crane in the boom of the other crane. The cranes, which were about 50 meters apart, were then at right angles to one another, and it could not be ruled out that they could topple over due to squalls. With the help of a special crane, the rope could finally be removed from the second crane. The road and the railway line were closed for around two and a half hours.

► In Thuringia There were gusts of wind with sleet since Thursday morning at high altitudes above 700 meters. Thousands of people in Eichsfeldkreis had to do without electricity for about an hour on Thursday evening. An overhead line broke due to a strong wind. A police spokesman said there was a complete power outage in six towns. The places were therefore affected Büttstedt, Küllstedt, waxedt, Heuthen, Kreuzebra and Geisleden. The electricity was gone from around 10:15 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. However, the network operator was able to localize the damage and repair the line in a makeshift manner.

► In Saxony was mainly the part of the country from Vogtland to Leipziger Land in Sturmfeld.

► In Bavaria the DWD (German Weather Service) announced on Thursday that the highest wind speeds would usually be reached at night. In parts of Franconia and in the foothills of the Alps up to 75 kilometers per hour, in low mountain ranges up to 100 kilometers per hour. Hurricane gusts cannot be ruled out on the highest Alpine peaks.

For Saturday, the weather experts expect a new storm low, which will then hit the center and south of Germany even more.


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