We tested the plant-based soft cheeses of New Affineurs

On the one hand, a smell of “Socks taken out of the sports bag” or from “Old mushroom”. On the other, a texture “Rather pleasant whipped cream”, “A breakthrough in the life of a vegan”… When we had those around us try out Affiné d’Albert, a rustic name for a cashew-based preparation that came out of the laboratory of the New Affineurs start-up and supposed to be tasted like cheese, mankind s ‘is divided into two camps: the disgusted and the “not-closed”. After all, cheese can smell like feet too!

The other flagship product of the young company, Fresh 100% vegetable – Garlic and fine herbs, he clearly seduced: “Not so different from Boursin, without the sweetness of the fat on the palate”, and much better than its equivalent found in the fresh section of the Biocoop, wickedly compared by our testers to “Soap”. With these products, three Refined and three Fresh, Nour Akbaraly, 34, an engineer graduated from Centrale Lille, holder of a DEA in applied maths and led by a “Passion for life sciences” (sic), intends to make a name for itself in the agri-food landscape.

Cellular meat: “We have to show how much good news these techniques are! ”

It must be said that a revolution is playing out on our plates, which notably involves the search for alternative proteins to those obtained from animals. Vegetable or cellular meat has been widely talked about. However, more discreetly, the same race is being played out in the sector of “

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