We still have to go through that! First thunderstorm, from Wednesday finally full spring

This week, first of all: April, April, he doesn’t know what he wants…

The April weather divided Germany in two at the beginning of the week. While numerous showers and thunderstorms with local heavy rain are expected for the southwest, west and center of the country, it will remain dry in the north and east.

“In terms of the weather, there is a little slack at the beginning of the week,” forecasts the German Weather Service (DWD) for North Rhine-Westphalia. Local heavy rain of up to 25 liters per square meter is possible within an hour. The maximum temperatures are between 11 and 14 degrees.

It’s also getting uncomfortable in the south and south-west. With maximum temperatures of 12 to 16 degrees, heavy rain of 15 to 20 liters per square meter is possible.

It gets uncomfortable at the beginning of the week in North Rhine-Westphalia. Local heavy rain of up to 25 liters per square meter is possible within an hourPhoto: dpa

From Wednesday finally full spring

In the middle of the week, however, the weather is in agreement for all parts of the country, spring kicks in and cracks the 20-degree mark: “A new high will come from Wednesday and it will be very sunny and warm everywhere. This could continue until May 1st, ”said qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from Wetter.net to BILD.

Also means: A cold relapse or even premature ice saints are not in sight!

However, if you want to get your garden or balcony ready for spring now, you should not rush into anything. There is a risk of ground frost in many parts of the country at night until Thursday.

Weather expert Dominik Jung generally attributes what applies to the north and east of the country this week to the spring so far: “Spring 2022 is currently far too dry. The precipitation target is only 32 percent fulfilled, and more than half of the meteorological spring is over. There are again some indications of a very dry spring.”

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

Monday: Again and again showers, this applies to the center and the south, in the north and east almost nothing happens! 12 to 17 degrees

Tuesday: April weather and rain showers with thunderstorms continue in some parts of the country, mostly dry to the north and east, 14 to 18 degrees

Wednesday: usually the sun prevails everywhere and it gets warm again, 15 to 20 degrees

Thursday: mostly sunny and dry, 16 to 22 degrees

Friday: mostly nice with sunshine, 17 to 22 degrees


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