“We are at the dawn of a revolution”: after the buses, the free TER is coming

This will be one of the challenges of the regional elections in June: free public transport is essential in the debate. Left candidate in Ile-de-France, Audrey Pulvar has made it the flagship measure of her program. While in Occitania, Socialist President Carole Delga is not waiting for the elections. The elected official announced this Monday February 8 a form of free travel for passengers aged 18 to 26 on regional express trains (TER).

Somewhat complex, the device imagined in Occitania rewards the passengers who travel the most:

  • the young subscriber pays for the first ten journeys of the month (or five round trips) at -50% (the subscription is free);
  • from 11e to 20e journey, he travels for free;
  • from 21e to 31e journey, a “mobility account” is credited with “bonus” journeys carried over to the following month: it will therefore be possible for him to travel without having to pay again for the first ten journeys.

The system thus allows free travel from one month to the next. The mobility account is activated by means of a smartphone app. The experiment will start on 1er April to an audience of 2,000 young people drawn at random and will be generalized in September 2021. “Today we are taking a first step towards free access so that the cost of transport is no longer a brake for too many young people”, praises Carole Delga in a press release.

Occitanie hopes to eventually increase from 70,000 to 100,000 travelers per day, on all TER lines in this territory which includes

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