We anti-waste, the grocery store that wants to fight against the waste of mass distribution

This Tuesday, there is no butter in the aisle of the Nous anti-waste grocery store on rue d’Amsterdam, in the 9e district of Paris. It creates a vacuum on the refrigerated shelf. Mismanagement ? “If a department manager left a shelf like that in a traditional supermarket, he would be fired on the spot, laughs Charles Lottmann, co-founder of the brand. But with us, it’s normal. “ And claimed.

Unlike large-scale distribution, its small supermarket of some 250 square meters only sells products deemed unsaleable by its peers. In the fruit and vegetable department: peaches bought directly from the producer, the precious skin of which was damaged by bad weather, apples judged “Too small”, eggplant “Too big”, Cucumbers “Too twisted”, etc. Products that are good to consume, mostly organic but called “category II”, downgraded. To these are also added the surpluses of Rungis.

Selling in Bulk: Why It’s Not So Easy

Next to it, in the fresh and grocery departments, there are dairy products, cheeses or cookies with poorly printed packaging, a damaged box, whose use-by date is deemed too close by distributors (“December 2021” for Apéricube for example!), or even really outdated (like chewing gum, tasted and approved by the boss and his teams before being put on sale).

These foodstuffs are not unsold products from mass distribution – these are

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