Ways to increase natural light in the house

Sunlight is a free light source, helping to increase the “happy hormone” serotonin for humans.

Many homes do not have adequate natural light available, but you can improve this with a few changes below.

Paint the eaves white

The eaves will reflect natural light and transmit into the space inside the house. Therefore, painting the eaves white is an effective way that you can consider. Even if the exterior is a different color, you can still use white to paint the underside of the eaves, because it does not affect the overall appearance of the house. Mostly this white awning will only be seen from the inside.

White is always the optimal choice to increase natural light for the house. Image: The Spruce.

Choose brighter interior wall and ceiling colors

Painting ceilings and interior walls white is also an easy way to increase natural light in your home. The LRV (light reflectance) of pure white is close to 100% and down to close to 0% for black. That is also the reason most residential buildings have white ceilings.

If you don’t really like pure white but still want the house to be filled with light, choose deeper, more subtle shades of white or other bright colors.

Prioritize painting walls with high gloss

The higher the gloss, the higher the light reflectance. In other words, by applying glossy paint to the walls, you are giving them a mirror-like effect to reflect light. This doesn’t mean you have to use super-gloss paint, just slightly increase the gloss of the paint.

Note that the more glossy the wall paint, the easier it will be to glare in strong light conditions, especially artificial light.

Use highly reflective tiles

Glass tiles are very suitable for kitchen or bathroom wall cladding. Under the right lighting conditions, glass tiles reflect almost 100% of the light hitting them. High-gloss ceramic tiles have the same reflective effect.

Replace the wall with glass bricks

This is not the easiest way to improve the home space, but it is certainly a very effective way. Glass bricks do not obstruct natural light like concrete walls, moreover bring a delicate beauty to your living space.

Glass bricks have good water resistance, sound and heat insulation properties.  Photo: Apartment Therapy

Glass bricks have good water resistance, sound and heat insulation properties. Image: Apartment Therapy

Create a skylight

Skylights are often referred to as “roof windows”, facing directly upwards, thus letting in more sunlight than conventional windows. Many families often take advantage of the corner of the skylight to plant trees, increasing the natural beauty of the house.

Add reflective furniture

Items such as mirrors, sconce or metal drawer handles can be good choices to reflect natural light. Chandeliers also help to channel more light into the room, even when you’re not on.

Bao Chi (According to Spruce)


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