Watch USGA and PGA Championship live on FPT Play

From May 19, golf fans in Vietnam can watch the PGA Championship and USGA live on FPT Play. These are also the two tournaments that FPT Play officially has the rights to broadcast and introduce to Vietnamese audiences within 3 years (2022 – 2024).

For a long time, the world golf fan community has always talked about the top tournaments on the planet like the PGA Championship and USGA. These prestigious tournaments have attracted millions of people who are passionate about each shot as each golfer performs on the court. With a high level of expertise along with a well-rounded image of the participating athletes, the PGA Championship and USGA are indispensable sports tournaments in the “menu” to enjoy for many people.

Long history of two top golf tournaments

PGA Championship was established in 1916 and is the oldest and most traditional golf tournament system in the world.

PGA Championship Trophy is always a desire for many Golfers (Source: PGA)

The PGA Championship was originally formed by merging the top golf tournaments in the United States and 41 of the most powerful golf training centers in the United States in the 1900s. The most prominent of them all is Newport Country Club. and St. Andrew’s Golf Club. With such high quality from the beginning, the PGA Championship soon became a difficult game for golfers.

As for the USGA, the tournament was organized by the United States Golf Association (American Professional Golf Association) in 1895. This tournament was agreed and established by 2 Golf federations between the United States and Mexico. . The USGA consists of 14 National Golf Championships including the US Open, US Women’s Open and US Senior Open.

The brightest faces in the history of 2 tournaments

High-class playgrounds are always a place to attract high-class golfers. Because of that, both the PGA Championship and the USGA are tournaments that bring together the quality athletes of golf history. As for the PGA Championship, the list of champions of the tournament has many interesting names such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka… Especially, Tiger Woods is the living legend of the tournament when he has 4 times up. the PGA Championship.

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Tiger Woods was named the king of the PGA Championship (Source: PGA)

And at the USGA playground, names that have won glory in the history of the tournament can be mentioned such as Gary Woodland, Dustin Johnson and of course Tiger Woods also participated in the tournament… Especially, the golfer brought the tournament. Two Thai-American bloodlines are among the few golfers who have won the USGA championship twice.

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Bryson DeChambeau is the name that is noticed at the USGA (Source: USGA)

Popularity with mass audience

As announced by the PGA Championship, this tournament attracts 6 major television units in the world, namely CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Golfer Channel, Sky Sports UK, Discovery channel system and JTBC Golf & Sports. Because of that, this tournament has reached a large number of viewers around the planet.

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The image perfection of the Golfers is always the attraction of these two tournaments (Source: USGA)

As for the USGA, the tour is spread across 3 continents including the Americas, Europe and Asia, the number of viewers is also up to millions. According to statistics from NBC Sports, the finale taking place in 2021 has attracted 5.7 million followers on paid platforms around the world.

Realizing the huge attraction of the PGA Championship and USGA, FPT Play decided to own the copyright of these two top tournaments and introduce them to Vietnamese audiences within 3 years (2022 – 2024).

PGA Championship 2022 includes 2 official tournaments, PGA Championship and Senior PGA Championship. As for the USGA 2022, the list of constituent tournaments includes 7 minor tournaments with different levels including US Open, US Women Open, US Senior Open, US Senior Women’s Open, US Amateur, US Women’s Amateur and US Junior Amateur. In particular, the US Open is the most important and interested competition content.

May full of passion for Golfers on FPT Play

From May 19, Golf-loving audiences in Vietnam can fully watch the PGA Championship 2022 on FPT Play’s platforms.

In 4 days from May 19 to 22, the PGA Championship will be held with the participation of a series of big names in the current world golf village such as Scottie Scheffler, Justin Thomas or Rory McIlroy. Then, from May 26 to May 29, Vietnamese audiences will continue to enjoy the Senior PGA Championship. This competition also has many young talents participating in the world such as Steven Alker (New Zealand), Robert Allenby (Australia) or Stephen Ames (Canada).

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In addition, when becoming a subscriber of FPT Play, customers can also enjoy a series of other major sports tournaments such as Bellator MMA, PFL (Professional Fighter League), Combate Global, KOK (King of Kings); The world’s leading football tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and tournaments under the AFC framework or EuroLeague European Basketball Championship…

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