Wash the duvet properly

Washing the inside of the blanket seems easy, but it’s actually not that simple, requiring you to follow the prescribed steps.

If you use a blanket with a cover, you do not need to wash the inside of the blanket continuously. Most health experts encourage the use of blankets with covers to help separate the intestines of the blanket from body sweat, dirt… Every week, you remove the duvet cover to wash and replace it with another clean cover. Make sure the bed is clean. Manufacturers recommend, in this case, only need to wash the inside of the duvet every 2-3 years. After each cold season, you just need to bring the blanket out to dry in the sun.

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However, if you’re using a blanket without a cover or you need to wash the inside of the duvet (for example, spilled dirt), there are 5 steps you should follow.

Read the label on the blanket

You’ll need to check the label on the duvet to see the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash it. Some materials are not suitable for machine washing and will be marked as “dry cleaning only”. In that case, you should take it to a dry cleaner. If the label allows machine washing with a weight that matches the weight of your washing machine, you can wash it at home.

Pre-treatment of stains on the gut of the blanket

Use specialized solutions or baking soda and water to clean stains. You should also take advantage of checking to see if there are places on the body of the blanket that are loose, open seams, in case the cotton / feathers may fall out when machine washing.

If you are washing a white duvet, you can use bleach to refresh the color of the duvet. Mix bleach with water in the appropriate ratio and let the blanket soak in this solution for five minutes, before putting it in the machine.

Check the load capacity of the washing machine

If your blanket is too large, while the load of the washing machine is not enough, washing the blanket will not be effective. The blanket crammed in the drum will not be able to clean, while the washing machine may be damaged. In this case, it is best to take it to the laundromat.

Set the appropriate washing program

It is recommended that you choose a gentle wash program or an extra rinse, if possible. The label attached to the comforter usually indicates the appropriate washing program, so you should consult. In addition, you should set the appropriate water temperature, because too hot water can affect the color and fabric of the duvet cover.

Dry the blanket

Instead of letting the blanket dry naturally, it is best to put the inside of the blanket in the dryer. The trick is that you can put a tennis ball in to help distribute the blanket evenly in the washing tub, help stretch the blanket and prevent static electricity on the surface of the blanket. You should dry the duvet cover at the temperature required by the manufacturer, as indicated on the product label.

In the middle of the drying cycle, you should remove the blanket, shake it to spread the cotton evenly, then put it back in the dryer and continue the cycle. This helps the duvet to dry evenly.

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