Was it Thomas Drach both times?: Geldbote was the victim of two robberies


Cologne – Being mugged is arguably the worst experience for a cash-in-transit driver. Heinz-Willi G. (62) lived through this nightmare twice…

According to the indictment, he even ran into one of the most feared criminals in Germany: Reemtsma kidnapper Thomas Drach (61). He is currently on trial for four armed robberies in Cologne.

Heinz-Willi G. from Brühl experienced two of them up close.

► March 24, 2018, Ikea store in Godorf, just before 9 a.m. G. is sitting in the armored transporter. A colleague is standing outside at the staff entrance with a cash box (in it: 76,175 euros). Suddenly someone with a cap and safety vest stands next to him.

Heinz-Willi G.: “At first I thought it was an Ikea employee. But then I saw a short-barreled machine gun. So I called 110.” He is not allowed to leave the money transporter, but stays in the car. According to the indictment, the MP man was Drach.

The Ikea robbery of the money transporter in March 2018

Photo: Mario Jüngling

► When the money transporter was robbed on March 6, 2019 at Cologne-Bonn Airport, Heinz-Willi G. and an employee wanted to fill up the baggage car stations with coins. “Suddenly I heard a shot.” ​​His colleague was hit in the leg – from an AK47. The shooter is said to have been Thomas Drach.

“How are you?” the judge asked him about the horror experiences. “Good again,” said Heinz-Willi G. After the second attack, he was on sick leave for several weeks. But he still drives money transporters.


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