War in Ukraine: Tens of thousands of students protest against Putin

Berlin/Hamburg – Tens of thousands of schoolchildren protested against the government district in Berlin and on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn on Thursday War of Russia in Ukraine demonstrated. They gathered at noon with banners and signs in front of the Reichstag building and on Hamburg’s Spielbudenplatz.

The police estimated the number of mostly young people in Berlin to be 5,000, but there was a further influx. In Hamburg, the officials spoke of more than 20,000 demonstrators.

The Ukrainian colors of blue and yellow were everywhere


Hamburg's students show a clear edge against Putin's war

Hamburg’s students show a clear edge against Putin’s war

Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

The climate protection initiative Fridays for Future called for the demonstration. The demonstrators wanted to walk to the Ukrainian Embassy on Albrechtstrasse near the Spree and back to the Reichstag.

“Stop war” is written on this sign, which a participant is holding up


Banners read “Every life counts” and “Stop War”, and Vladimir Putin was also sharply criticized.

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Some people wore clothes in blue and yellow, the national colors of Ukraine.

Thousands had come to the meadow in front of the Reichstag

Thousands had come to the meadow in front of the Reichstag


Activist Luisa Neubauer speaks at a demonstration against the Ukraine war on Hamburg's Spielbudenplatz

Activist Luisa Neubauer speaks at a demonstration against the Ukraine war on Hamburg’s Spielbudenplatz

Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

With the action, Fridays for Future joined a call by Ukrainian climate protectionists who had called for worldwide protests. Rallies were also planned in other German cities.

Hundreds of thousands against Putin Huge peace demonstration in Berlin

Source: IMAGE


Further demonstrations against the war are also planned in Berlin over the next few days.

Hamburg students released from class for demo

“Hamburg came together today to show solidarity,” said Luisa Neubauer from Fridays for Future (FFF) in an emotional speech. “Nothing and nobody will stop us from standing up now, getting loud and showing solidarity, showing such a clear stance as autocrats hate it: Putin fuck off, we’re here!”

In order to enable the approximately 250,000 Hamburg schoolchildren to take part in the demonstration, School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) had released them from class. However, under 16-year-olds need a corresponding letter of apology from their parents in order to stay away from class for the demo.


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