War, expensive shock, health: Ask BILD! Here you get answers

Berlin – The Ukraine war scares many people. The uncertainty is great. Ask IMAGE! These experts give you reliable answers:

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These experts are there for you:

▶︎ Questions about the war: BILD Vice Paul Ronzheimer (currently Kyiv) knows his stuff better than anyone else. Ask what you’ve always wanted to know: how does he work on the front lines? How are Ukrainians still so brave?

▶︎ German domestic politics and economy: Head of politics Jan Schäfer knows all the government’s plans. Are we sending more guns? Is my job at risk?

BILD political boss Jan SchäferPhoto: Niels Starnick / BILD

▶︎ Health and well-being: Stefanie May, head of the Life & Knowledge department, knows what is good for body and mind. What do I do if I don’t sleep well because of the war? What helps me to switch off?

Stephanie May

Stefanie May, Head of Life & KnowledgePhoto: Wolf Lux

▶︎ On the subject of consumers/prices: BILD Sparfochs Frank Ochse knows what to expect from you as a consumer. Should I fill my heating oil tank now? Are groceries and travel also becoming more expensive?

BILD saver Frank Ochse

BILD saver Frank OchsePhoto: Ralf Gunther

▶︎ On the subject of cars and mobility: Conny Poltersdorf (AUTO BILD) will help you further: How can I save fuel now? Which new cars are really economical?

Conny Poltersdorf (AUTO BILD)

Conny Poltersdorf (AUTO BILD)Photo: BILD

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