Volleyball long legs forgot to wear pants and still went to the field, the sports moment blushed

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Super-short, revealing outfits when competing make both wearers and viewers embarrassed when looking down.

Through simple media and the explosion of social networks, in 2021 there have been a lot of sports images and clips that create huge effects. In addition to the professional element, behind-the-scenes stories about athletes are a topic often mentioned by fans, and many details become a series of events that are strongly shared on social networking platforms.

One of the details about the star behind the scenes discussed by the audience in 2021 is the competition outfit. Situations related to the dress incident of sports beauties received hundreds or even millions of comments and shares from social media users. Let’s take a look at the most embarrassing sports situations in 2021.

Volleyball long legs “forgot to wear pants” still playing on the field

Costumes cause fever in American school volleyball tournament

On the Youtuber platform, a volleyball competition between two high school football teams in the US in 2019 was renewed in 2021 and received special attention. Due to the uniform design of the costumes, athletes with slightly higher body measurements than teammates will make the competition clothes become cramped.

American schoolgirls “long legs and short backs” when wearing uniformly sewn costumes have turned them into athletes wearing “fashion without pants” to compete. The match between Hill-Murray vs Wayzata Girls ended with a 0-3 victory for the away team, but many people didn’t seem to care about the score, the above competition received more than 7 million views on Youtuber because of the costumes of the two. The team is too eye-catching of female athletes.

Jamie Robbins wears too short and acts indiscriminately

Volleyball legs "forgot to wear pants"  still on the field, the sporting moment blushes - 3

Jamie Robbins caused a social media fever

At volleyball tournaments in the US, female athletes often use short, tight pants and longer jerseys than usual. This helps players almost fully show off the “amplitude” of their legs, which is a “specialty” of volleyball people.

Volleyball fans can easily see American female volleyball players wearing “no pants” fashion on social networks, one of the people who make this outfit most known is probably Jamie Robbins.

Robbins, 23 years old, was a volleyball player for the University of California at Los Angeles (USA) team, only 1m68 tall, but at first glance she looks no less than approximately 1.8m long legs thanks to her “hidden pants” outfit.

The girl who has 125,000 followers on her personal page, no matter how short the dress is, is not afraid to do difficult poses, something that has made Robbins’ brand. The images of this girl playing volleyball are strongly shared by the audience.

Female track and field athletes wear clothes with the same skin color, confusing the audience

Volleyball legs "forgot to wear pants"  still on the field, the sporting moment blushes - 4

Darya Klishina and the pants are easy to cause “misunderstanding”

Darya Klishina, 30 years old, is a famous Russian long jumper, once dominating the long jump content at the National Athletics Championships, European and World Youth Championships in the 2007-2013 period. Klishina has both talent and beauty, she is followed by thousands of viewers on social networks.

When people fall in love, they always want a perfect and flawless idol, so Klishina was once reflected by the audience on how to dress too sexy. In the past year, this girl wore a pair of pants that made the audience “misunderstanding”.

In the comments section, fans realized this, even stating bluntly, “At a glance, I thought she wasn’t wearing pants”! In fact, these are just tight pants, matching the skin color, that’s all.

MMA beauty had to take off her clothes when her weight was “looked at” by a man

Volleyball legs "forgot to wear pants"  still on the field, the sporting moment blushes - 5

Avsaragova was forced to wear nothing to avoid being overweight

Diana Avsaragova, a 22-year-old Russian female boxer is emerging as the most beautiful and talented boxer in the MMA village. With a height of 1m69, an arm span of 1m66, Avsaragova experienced 4 MMA matches with a winning record.

During the weighing and press conference on July 15, the 22-year-old beauty experienced a “blushing” moment when she had to take off her clothes to step on the scale. The 22-year-old girl let go of her scarf, shielded by a cloth from two women, but it made no sense that a man was also present and was able to peer inside Avsaragova’s body.

She breathed a sigh of relief knowing she wasn’t overweight, but wasn’t happy when she thought back to the sight of a man peering into her body.

“I know that man is not looking at the scale but trying to peek,” one fan commented. “The man in the middle is having a great day at work,” another audience member continued to criticize.

After winning the match that took place 1 day later (July 16), the beauty revealed that although the other man looked at her, inside she used her hand to cover the sensitive area.

Beauty wears clothes that cause “eye pain” to the field of competition

Volleyball legs "forgot to wear pants"  still on the field, the sporting moment blushes - 6

Spartak Moscow posted sensitive images on twitter club

Russian ice hockey club Spartak Moscow became the subject of heated debate in 2021 after posting a photo of a girl in a bodysuit and declaring her the team’s new goalkeeper. The team’s rookie wears thin clothes, the viewer can see all the underwear.

The image became even more offensive when the female goalkeeper stood with her back, showing her entire “round 3”. Despite criticism, this club still achieves its goal because they want to be known by many people.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/chan-dai-bong-chuyen-34quen-mac-quan34-van-ra-san-khoanh-khac-…

5 female billiard referees wear late clothes, each time bowing to the audience

(Sports news, billiards news) The fashion style of the 5 female referees makes viewers blush many times.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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