Volleyball goddess Sabina reveals her wedding quickly, Thu Huyen dreams of becoming a princess

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) “Goddess” Sabina revealed that she accepted her husband’s proposal after only a few dates, while the former “hot girl volleyball” Dang Thu Huyen became more and more beautiful.

“Goddess” Sabina got married after only 3 dates

Last December, the Kazakh “volleyball goddess”, Sabina Altynbekova, surprised fans by announcing her marriage to her 8-year-old business boyfriend, Sayat Tostykbayev. Since then, she rarely shared pictures of her husband, even two people who just followed the personal page a few weeks ago.

Sabina “falls in love quickly, quickly marries” her 8-year-old businessman’s husband, Sayat Tostykbayev

On April 4, “volleyball goddess” first published photos taken with her husband on social networks, at the same time revealing many interesting information about the couple’s love story. Accordingly, Sabina was proposed by Sayat after just … 3 dating times.

Former “hot girl volleyball” Dang Thu Huyen dreamed of being a princess

Although saying goodbye to volleyball since the beginning of March, Dang Thu Huyen still receives special attention from fans. Her posts and pictures on social networks always have a lot of interaction.

In the photo posted by Thu Huyen herself on April 4, she wore a pink dress, showing off her white shoulders, her delicate beauty like a princess and received countless compliments. Thu Huyen also admits to her friends that she “dreams of being a princess once”!

Volleyball goddess Sabina revealed the story of & # 34; hastily married & # 34;, Thu Huyen dreamed of being a princess - 3

Dang Thu Huyen became more and more beautiful after breaking up with volleyball career

Linh Chi comforted and encouraged teammates who were seriously injured

Recently, the lady Bui Thi Nga had a ligament injury in her left knee and could not join the Women’s Volleyball Club Information Command to attend the first round of the 2021 women’s volleyball tournament (starting from 10 / 4). Not only that, the absence of captain Bui Thi Nga has affected the preparatory phase of the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team for the 31st SEA Games medal conquest.

Immediately after learning that Bui Thi Nga was injured, “hot girl” Linh Chi, a close friend and teammate at the club, sent a word of comfort to her on social networks. In the past, Linh Chi herself experienced a long time struggling with a ligament injury, even thought to retire.

Volleyball goddess Sabina revealed the story of & # 34; hastily married & # 34;, Thu Huyen dreamed of being a princess - 4

Linh Chi encouraged and comforted Bui Thi Nga after her teammate was seriously injured

Source: http: //danviet.vn/nu-than-bong-chuyen-sabina-he-lo-chuyen-cuoi-voi-thu-huyen-mo-lam-cong-chua-50 …

The volleyball runner wore

(Sports news, volleyball news) Long legs volleyball, winning the US runner-up title made the audience flutter with the extremely airy dress.


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