Volleyball beauty Tatyana wears lingerie in the cold to celebrate the traditional New Year

(Sports news, Hot news for beauty) Volleyball woman Tatyana Demyanova chose a very special way to celebrate the New Year when wearing lingerie to show off her seductive body to challenge the cold snow. Meanwhile, fate has just come to the talented boxing girl Cheyenne Hanson.

Challenging cold snow, beautiful volleyball Tatyana celebrates a memorable New Year

Video of volleyball beauty Tatyana Demyanova driving a car while using a mobile phone:

For a long time, Tatyana Demyanova (nicknamed Tatarka) is considered one of the most beautiful female volleyball players in Kazakhstan in particular and in Asia in general. This player born in 1996 has the ideal height of 1.83m, weighs 68 kg and currently plays for the VK Kostanay club.

Tatyana Demyanova wears lingerie and sits in the cold to celebrate Nauryz traditional New Year in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

On March 24, on her personal Instagram page, which attracted more than 183,000 subscribers “Follow”, Tatyana posted a photo of her wearing a pink lingerie outfit showing off her sexy bust while sitting on a photo. nets in the cold snow and ice in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.

This 26-year-old volleyball beauty also wrote a meaningful photo caption on the occasion of welcoming Nauryz (meaning “New Day”), the traditional Kazakh New Year: “May Nauryz bring peace, serenity and prosperity Wishing you and your loved ones good health, happiness, kindness and prosperity.”

Boxing beauty Cheyenne Hanson reassures fans after her eardrum ruptured

Video of Cheyenna Hanson overpowering Angela Cannizzaro:

At her last match on March 5, beautiful German boxer Cheyenne Hanson won by knockout in the second round against Italian opponent Angela Cannizzaro in a featherweight match (Featherweight, 54-23). 57kg) at home.

Tatyana volleyball beauty wears lingerie in the cold to welcome the traditional New Year - 3

Cheyenne Hanson’s convincing knockout victory (right) over Angela Cannizzaro

However, recently, the girl nicknamed “Pepper” (Pepper) confirmed she had just had surgery after a perforated eardrum, but she reassured fans that the operation was successful.

Tatyana volleyball beauty wears lingerie in the cold to welcome the traditional New Year - 4

Cheyenne Hanson reassures fans that her eardrum surgery was a success

On March 24, Cheyenne posted a photo of herself wearing a headband after her eardrum surgery with the caption on her Instagram page: “There was a punctured eardrum but I had surgery yesterday. Everything is going well. Now is the time to rest. I will be back soon!”.

UFC’s richest ring girl shows off “fiery” bikini photos with her colleagues

Video of 2 sexy ring girl Arinny Celeste and Brittney Palmer taking sexy photos together:

Ring girl is a phrase to refer to the girls who appear at break time and hold signs during rounds in combat sports such as Muay Thai, MMA, kick-boxing. In addition to attractive matches, martial arts events are also attracted by beautiful and seductive ring girls.

Arinny Celeste was called by the Daily Star as “the richest ring girl in the UFC” when she received the title of “Ring girl of the year” five times and often has great remuneration when appearing at many popular events of the famous arena. The best price in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Volleyball beauty Tatyana wears lingerie in the cold to welcome the traditional New Year - 5

Tatyana volleyball beauty wears lingerie in the cold to welcome the traditional New Year - 6

Glamorous ring girl duo Arinny Celeste and Brittney Palmer show off bikini photos while posing on a super yacht

Recently, the former model who took photos for an adult magazine and her colleague Brittney Palmer wore a “fiery” bikini when posing for a photo showing off her beautiful figure on a luxury superyacht. “An only girl looks worn out” Celeste also wrote an excited photo caption: “All on board”.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/nguoi-dep-bong-chuyen-tatyana-dien-noi-y-giua-gia-ret-don-tet-…

Beach runner Khanh Phuong, round three, 100 cm Miss Universe, gym like a

(Sports news) Impressive with a three-round measurement of up to 100 cm, Nguyen Dinh Khanh Phuong revealed the secret of her “terrible” measurements thanks to regular Gym and Yoga exercises.

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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